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    Until You (Fall Away #1.5) by Penelope Douglas

    Until You is an emotive coming-of-age tale. Tender, funny, heart-breaking. Until You is Bully told from Jared’s perspective. I haven’t read many books that are entirely dedicated to telling the male side of the story. Getting inside his head was interesting if a little heart-breaking. We see that he fell in love with her before Bully’s events. He was pulled towards her, she was so different from all the other girls, she wore band t-shirts, converse and didn’t care to fit in. she walked to the beat of her own drum, and he loved her for it. He helped through the death of her mother but after a disastrous summer…

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    Bully by Penelope Douglas – REVIEW

    Bully is a story of grief and teenage angst but one that highlights the complexities of forgiveness and redemption. Bully by Penelope Douglas was a refreshing change from what I usually do. Read I think it’s quite likely got me back into reading Romance again after losing my way with it around 2014. An enemy to lover’s trope. I actually really enjoyed what Penelope Douglas did with this. Tate and Jared grew up together. They did everything together, from climbing trees and gossiping to Jared supporting Tate through the loss of her mother six years ago. Then one summer he went away and was never the same again. He didn’t…