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    The Balance by Kev Harrison | Review

    The Balance epitomises everything that I love about folktale horror.  It’s a story of balance, order, the coming full circle.  There’s secrets at every corner, an unknown set of scales allowing harmony and control.  What happens when humanity grasps for more control, more power?  Will that balance tip and allow everything to come crashing all down?  Time doesn’t exist whilst reading this book.  Yes, you can hear it whittling down, each tick getting louder and louder until it beats furiously in your brain, making the tension all that more palpable.  The balance is a work of art.  This book crept up on me and felt like a sledgehammer on the…

  • Untitled design 27 - Crossroads by Laurel Hightower | Review

    Crossroads by Laurel Hightower | Review

    Crossroads…a fork in the road, a decision to be made, life taking a turn and lives altered.  Laurel Hightower has taken a certainty in life, death and given it a complex meaning, a burden, a floating through life trying to grasp the ending but never holding onto that tangible point.  Chris is existing through life after the death of her only son.  He is taken in the most tragic circumstances well before his time, a car crash.  Greif is crushing her, minute by minute, hour by hour.  A natural reaction to an unnatural event, but what would you do to have them back? Look at the cover – the desolation,…