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    Misfits by Hunter Shea | Blog Tour

    misfits /ˈmɪsfɪt/ noun a person whose behaviour or attitude sets them apart from others in an uncomfortably conspicuous way: “a motley collection of social misfits” The definition behind the word is a whole spectrum of meanings.  What is your definition of normal and do you fit nicely inside it.  I would probably class myself as a bit of a misfit, I don’t follow the crowd, I don’t follow trends and I’m a massive geek.  This is a story about a group of five friends, those who have never fitted in, who have never fitted into that perfect mould that society has deemed, normal.  The stoners, the kids with traumatic childhoods and…

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    Blog Tour: Slash by Hunter Shea

    Thanks to Anne @Random things through my letterbox for my spot on the blog tour and the publisher for my copy of the book.  All thoughts are unbiased and honest.  Instantly the book cover grabs you by the balls and you can feel the pain and fear that this novel is going to subject you to.  Slash examines survival, plain and simple. The idea that lightening couldn’t possibly strike twice is the primary theme.  This book is more than happy to pack up its things and move home into other genres.  This is a book that goes between Slasher, horror and thriller.  It reminded me a lot of the Friday…