• Add a subheading 5 - Blog Tour: Camp Death by Jim Ody

    Blog Tour: Camp Death by Jim Ody

    Camp Death was my first story by Jim Ody but it certainly won’t be my last.  I have really enjoyed checking out these point horror-type stories making a resurgence.  From the prologue, I was intrigued and a little freaked out.  A cracking storyline with a hard-hitting writing style.  The story follows Richie, a boy still trying to find himself.  Themes of unrequited teenage love, angst, and social awkwardness are relative to the problems of today’s teenagers.  What I particularly enjoyed about this one was just how Jim Ody was able to transport me to the centre of the story, like in the middle of a perfect storm I anticipated the…

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    Blog Tour: Wicked Little Deeds by Kat Ellis

    Wicked Little Deeds was a story that I ended up gobbling up. I reviewed Harrow Lake, which I absolutely adored last year and I just hoped that this was going to hold up to the same promise. Kat Ellis knows how to write a thriller; this is very different to Harrow Lake but Wicked Little Deeds had the ability to smack you upside the head with its killer hook. Paranormal entity. An impending threat. Twists by the bucket load. If you think you have this one figured out be prepared for a grenade to blow up in your face. Wicked Little Deeds Has the building block of teenage relationships, trust…

  • Add a subheading 25 - Review: The Goners by L. Stephenson

    Review: The Goners by L. Stephenson

    The Goners was a home run for L. Stephenson.  The cover was ominous, secretive, and forewarned of the threatening shadows that lurked beneath the surface. It’s the kind of story that will become etched into your mind and you can’t put the book down until that last page has been devoured.  Stephenson is a master storyteller that envelops you in atmospheric brilliance and complexity that will literally tie you up in knots.  His brilliance is his reader’s weakness, and The Goners did not disappoint.  This isn’t just another Horror – it is an experience.  Set on the fictional island of Boatmore, we meet a Paramedic Liam and his team, with…

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    Halloween Fiend by C.V. Hunt | Book Review

    Halloween Fiend is a seriously creepy tale.  The residents of Strang (yup, Strange without the E) know not to go out after sundown.  The streets are eerie and quiet, but that’s not the only thing that is wrong with this town.  They are haunted by an entity that prowls the streets.  The only thing that stops them being killed is the sacrifice of small animals being left on their doorsteps.  Apparently, guinea pigs and the likes are a tasty snack for the creature that is called Halloween.  Once a year however, someone gets the dot – a term for a randomly selected resident to satiate the monster for another year. …

  • Add a subheading 6 - Venus in the Blind Spot by Junji Ito | Book Review

    Venus in the Blind Spot by Junji Ito | Book Review

    Venus in the Blind Spot is my first ever Manga novel.  It isn’t something that I would have necessarily picked up but I received it in an Abominable Book Box.  It certainly won’t be the last.  The artwork and the storytelling is both horrific and awe inspiring.  There is tales of misadventure, Japanese lore, and the undercurrents of love and suffering constantly being the backbone of the collection.  Darkness has seeped into these stories and it’s a set of stories that aren’t likely to be forgotten in a hurry. The characterization was spot on.  On first meet you think these people have the perfect lives, perfect families and perfect lifestyles…

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    The Underclass by Dan Weatherer | Review

    Right from the start The Underclass grabs you by the throat.  Its spindly fingers reach out, the flesh dripping like a tap that can never be switched off.   It is an intriguing take on the zombie trope; the idea that a sense of consciousness and emotion can remain intact was one that initiated deep thought…is everything that we have seen in Hollywood zombie movies just glorified the creation as brain hungry street walkers?  Imagine dying in some accident only to come to and realise that you are now an undead version of yourself, only your spouse and relations want nothing to do with you?  That is the dilemma that is…