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    Historical Fiction

    The Echoes of Germania by H.B. Ashman | Review

    Some things just damn well intrigue me.  History being one of them.  The Roman Empire was always a dynasty that just got those creative juices flowing.  The riches, the military prowess and the fantastical world of Ancient Rome.  Echoes of Germania is that perfect blend of fiction and history.  This book blew every expectation or preconceived idea I had clean out the water.  The prose and the dialogue were swift and laser precise, it didn’t take any time at all to fall hard for this superbly ambitious tale of love and mythology.  The novel has the beating heart of a warrior. Picking up Echoes of Germania was a gamble as…

  • the lady of the ravens queens of the tower book 1 by joanna hickson - Review: The Lady Of The Ravens by Joanna Hickson
    Historical Fiction

    Review: The Lady Of The Ravens by Joanna Hickson

    The Lady Of Ravens was a great introduction into historical fiction.  The Tudor years seemed to be filled with the brutal way that life was and also the romantic way of living with the dress, the relationships and the dreams and aspirations.  I enjoyed the experience of being transported back in time to a land where you could truly count your enemies and friends on the same hand, and not really distinguishing between the two.  I did struggle with the speed at which the story pushed forward and would have benefitted from a faster pace.  Our protagonist, Joan Guildford was an honourable friend and a lady in waiting for Queen…

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    6 of the Best Books set in Scotland

    Scotland has seen a resurgence in tourism and literary interest due to books such as Outlander and Crime fiction novels. Scotland has a rich history in the literacy world from The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson to Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting. Scotland can lend itself to the supernatural or those bleak moments in human existence – there are no limitations to the inspiration that can be gleamed from Scotland and its beautiful culture. Outlander by Diana Gabaldon Written in the 90’s, this franchise has been brought alive on screen and has seen an increase in tourism due to the Outlander effect. Outlander tells the…