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    Legal Thriller

    Fifty-Fifty By Steve Cavanagh|Review

    You don’t review books long before you come across the name Steve Cavanagh.  The name is synonymous with the Thriller genre and if you haven’t read anything penned by this ingenious man, then why not? Fifty-Fifty is his new offering. Fifty-Fifty is a blast to the genitals.  Its swift, precise and you are left reeling on the floor.   I am obsessed with courtroom dramas.  This began when I was a member of a Jury – the atmosphere, the tension and the responsibility emits a fizzing spark within me.  Watching and waiting to see just how it is going to pan out.  Sisters.  Surely, they are united in shared family experiences? …

  • the holdout by graham moore - Blog Tour: The Holdout by Graham Moore
    Psychological Thriller

    Blog Tour: The Holdout by Graham Moore

    Wow.  The Holdout is a serious examination of the politics of law, social impact of race and gut instinct.  The first chapter was a sucker punch to the gut.  The imagery was gruesome but tantalising to the highest degree.  I found myself holding my breath waiting for that bomb to drop.  I was gripped from its anxiety inducing start to the finale like ending.  This was a premise that definitely had me hooked – just how persuasion and obsession can collide.  Ten years ago, Maya Searle was a member of the jury on the case of missing Jessica Silver, daughter of extremely wealthy Lou Silver.  Immediately the cogs begin to…