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    Crime Thriller

    The Resident by David Jackson | Review

    When I first requested an advanced readers copy of The Resident, I was very excited!  There has been so much hype on book-twitter and a lot of blogger friends loved it.  I am very weary of getting involved in hyped books because I really don’t want to be disappointed.  I expected a strong psychological thriller but boy…this beast packed a spine shattering punch!  Imagine my delight when from chapter one onwards – I knew this was going to be the kind of dark and depraved that I live for in a crime novel.  The title and that mind-blowing cover set my imagination crazy.  Imagine a serial killer actually living in…

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    Psychological Thriller

    A Famished Heart by Nicola White | Review

    A Famished Heart is the second book in the Vincent Swan series.  It’s set in Dublin in the 1980’s and captures the atmosphere and the times there quite accurately.  Before actually picking up this read, I found the synopsis to be extremely thought-provoking.  If I’m completely honest, I’ve always found the things people do in the name of religion deeply puzzling.  As an atheist it just isn’t on the same wavelength, I can’t put myself into their shoes but, I can try to understand where they are coming from.  Unfortunately, the book didn’t gleam that understanding for me.  I’ll openly admit that this is the first book that I have…