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    Horror Poetry

    Fanged Dandelion by Eric LaRocca | Book Review

    Fanged Dandelion is a horrifying collection of 20 poems that will not hesitate to put chills down your spine and search for hidden meaning.  It is seeping in a creeping sense of dread and dismay and the influence of characters through-out LaRocca’s career is a strong marker through-out.  The imagery and pulsating emotion are a siren call, it bleeds between pages, and the short snappy prose is hard hitting and uncompromising.  It’s a dismembered hand crawling out from its haunted pages, its successful in grabbing you by the throat and not letting go until the final story is committed to memory.  Eric LaRocca is an author who puts his heart…

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    The Underclass by Dan Weatherer | Review

    Right from the start The Underclass grabs you by the throat.  Its spindly fingers reach out, the flesh dripping like a tap that can never be switched off.   It is an intriguing take on the zombie trope; the idea that a sense of consciousness and emotion can remain intact was one that initiated deep thought…is everything that we have seen in Hollywood zombie movies just glorified the creation as brain hungry street walkers?  Imagine dying in some accident only to come to and realise that you are now an undead version of yourself, only your spouse and relations want nothing to do with you?  That is the dilemma that is…