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    Historical Fiction

    A Song of Steel by J.C. Duncan | Book Review

    A song of Steel is a debut novel that heralds epic fantasy in its rawest form.  The story can envelop you like a long lost relative after spending months apart.  Every interconnecting aspect of it just feels right.  From its brutally accurate characterization and its dramatic historic landscape, it’s the kind of story that leaves you grappling for cognitive cohesion.  The immersion and the compulsiveness has you addicted within a few pages.  Duncan’s spellbinding narrative took me hostage and posted my ransom…although, truth be told, I didn’t want anyone to pay it!  A Song of Steel is just another book that shows that Indie Fantasy is where its at right…

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    Winter’s Fury by A.E. Rayne | Review

    Winter’s Fury…yet another Norse inspired novel that has indeed broken me.  An ending that only has you downloading book two and screaming into the void!  An ending that will only have you yelling the authors name, but without A.E. Rayne’s dastardly writing skills, there would be no Winter’s Fury.  It’s taken me a few days to write this review because I have been on a book hungover, adrenaline intoxicated state.  This is the second Norse -inspired book that I’ve read in under a week and I seriously think I’ve found my fantasy sub-genre niche.  Let’s take a small walk and allow me to show you just why I ended up…

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    Northern Wrath by Thilde Kold Holdt | Review

    Northern Wrath was a book from the gods themselves.  Revenge is deadly, the swish of a blade, a whispered promise.  This review is going to be exceedingly hard to write, and I hope I can deliver it the justice it deserves.  Fantasy should catapult you into another dimension and Northern Wrath achieved that within just a few pages.  Thilde Kold Holdt had me all in.  The prologue hit like a steam train…I could smell smoke and danger and I was looking over my shoulder at the threatening shadow that promised to become known.  My senses was a frenetic buzz of energy and I was totally here for it. Northern Wrath…

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    Norse Fiction

    Children by Bjørn Larssen | Blog Tour

    Children by Bjørn Larssen is one of those truly once in a lifetime reads.  Whilst reading it felt like all the stars had aligned, every wish I ever had come true, it was the jackpot lottery win.  It has everything.  The striking colour and magic that it promises within, decadent characterisation and prose that is as majestic as a sunset.  This was a blog tour that I couldn’t pass up on matter how snowed under I was writing reviews (you’d think I’d learn).  This is what Norse fiction should be all about and Bjørn Larssen is a master craftsman in it’s art. The word Children instantly brings images into the…