• the cousins by karen m. mcmanus - The Cousins by Karen M. McManus | Blog Tour Review
    Young Adult

    The Cousins by Karen M. McManus | Blog Tour Review

    Today I’m happy to be a part of The Write Reads Ultimate blog tour for the highly anticipated, The Cousins by Karen M. McManus.  Now, for a reader to be sucked into an author’s writing style, their narrative, they need the X-factor.  Something that allows them to keep coming back…book after book.  Karen M. McManus is no exception.  There are so many reasons why I keep coming back for more with her stories.  The air of mystery, the journey and most of all the care that is given to keep loyal readers.  The Cousins is a story that is reminiscent of the I know what you did last summer trope. …

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    Devoted by Dean Koontz | Review

    Devoted was a hard book to read in places.  It was mostly successful in the theme of genetic mutation.  I really enjoy Dean Koontz books but, in this occasion,  it was neither a favourite or one that I disliked.  It’s very much a book that gets very strange, very quickly.  It’s a case of constantly reminding yourself that this is SCI-FI.  I’ve noticed other reviewers likening it to Koontz’ other work – The Watchers, which I haven’t read, not sure if that is to my detriment or not?  The book to me, felt like it just moved too slowly, and I did feel myself getting bored. The story in Devoted…

  • all your little lies - All Your Little Lies by Marianne Holmes | EXTRACT

    All Your Little Lies by Marianne Holmes | EXTRACT

    Happy friday everyone. I have a very special extract to share with you today for Marianne Holmes new book, All Your Little Lies, which releases today! HAPPY PUBLICATION DAY! Grab a brew and a few biccies and enjoy some awesome writing. 1THURSDAY EVENINGAnnie squatted down behind Paul’s car and reached intothe exhaust pipe, her fingers patting gently until theyclosed around his spare keys. An owl called out near therailway lines and she hesitated, teetering between safety anddanger, and then withdrew her hand. The keys dug into herpalm.She struggled with the external door to Paul’s apartmentblock, while gusts of wind whispered and tugged at the hem ofher coat. In the sudden…

  • the perfect couple by Jackie Kabler - The Perfect Couple by Jackie Kabler | Review
    Psychological Thriller

    The Perfect Couple by Jackie Kabler | Review

    The Perfect Couple – always beware any book title that has perfect in it.  Nine times out of ten it is anything but perfect.  Gemma and Danny have the perfect life, the perfect jobs, and the perfect friends.  Nothing and no-one are perfect, and Danny and Gemma are no exception.  Gemma is a freelance journalist and Danny works in IT.  Life is sweet, that is until Gemma goes on a business trip and comes home to no chilled prosecco, no dinner cooking, and no Danny.  Initially Gemma thinks he’s been held late at work but the hours tick by and still there’s no Danny.  She is finally forced to report…

  • Untitled design 28 - Keep Him Close by Emily Koch | Review
    Psychological Thriller

    Keep Him Close by Emily Koch | Review

    Keep Him Close follows the story of two mothers.  Two mothers who have lost something incredibly close to them.  Grief can take many forms and both essentially aching from the pit of despair.  A longing that sits like rocks at the pit of the stomach.  A pain that they both need to learn to deal with.  We are taken on a journey of two women’s interweaving connection and a path crossed takes them both on trip of self-discovery and forgiveness.  One mother has lost her son and one has admitted to killing him, a friendship found in the strangest of places. You really don’t have the chance to breathe in…

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    Sight Unseen by Sandra Ireland | Blog Tour

    How much do you trust the past?  This is the predominant theme in Sight Unseen.  When mother of one, supermarket manager, carer and history enthusiast, Sarah is stuck in a rut.  Her dream career and life never came to fruition due to the uncertainty of life.  She’s the safe one, never pushing the boundaries of responsibility or willing to take a risk of any kind.  Little does she know a wayward employee who keeps pushing her to the limit will awaken something that she didn’t know was missing.  Sometimes these encounters are catalysts for change.  Sight Unseen was magical.  It felt like a siren call.  What mother hasn’t got to…