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    Crime Thriller

    A Killer’s Daughter by Jenna Kernan | Review

    A Killer’s Daughter was a very interesting read, and it was certainly unique.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve read a plot from the child of a serial killer’s perspective before.  First, I want to talk a little about what just didn’t work for me personally. The beginning of the novel started a bit quizzically.  It felt very dark and I suddenly began to question just how the events were going to play out.  I was confused at times to how all this was going to impact the protagonist, Dr Nadine Finch.  There was a lot of repetition of past events, I’m sure it only need to be mentioned once…

  • deity 4 - Tick Tock by Mel Sherratt | Review
    Police Procedural

    Tick Tock by Mel Sherratt | Review

    Tick Tock was everything it promised…raw, gritty, and undeniably electric.  I’ve had this book on my TBR for a while now, regrettably it has taken me a while to get around to it, but I will be continuing with this series with haste.  If you love strong independent female detectives that are served with humanistic flaws, then this is going to be right up your alley.  A story with a chilling narrative, it made me look over my shoulder constantly whilst reading it.  Mel Sherratt, has an amazing skill at drawing you in, constantly whispering closer, closer.  You keep edging closer even though you know it might mean your doom. …

    Crime Fiction

    Dead Perfect by Noelle Holten | Blog Tour

    Thanks to Sarah Hardy at Books on the Brightside for a place on the blog tour and for a copy of the book. As always it’s a pleasure to be involved. Some authors just punch you right in the feels and Noelle Holton just keeps on living up to that reputation with every book she releases.  When the invitation to join the blog tour for the next DC Maggie Jamieson adverture, Dead Perfect, landed in my email inbox, there was no chance I was going to pass up on it.  Reading Dead Perfect was like meeting up with a best friend that you haven’t seen in months and it’s comforting…

  • killing in your name by gary donnelly - Killing In Your Name by Gary Donnelly | Blog Tour

    Killing In Your Name by Gary Donnelly | Blog Tour

    How often can you truly say that the second book in a series is as good as the debut?  From personal experience I could count on one hand how often that’s happened to me.  Killing In Your Name has surpassed Blood Will Be Born ( and I loved that).  It’s explosive, compulsive and knock your socks off shocking.  Gary Donnelly is swiftly becoming my favourite crime novelist – he can spin a yarn and have my guts twisted in knots with his raw storytelling.  The past truly catches up with you…the threads of the past always have a way of coming home to roost.  A boy’s body found in bogland. …

  • the girls in the lake by helen phifer - Review: The Girls in the Lake (Beth Adams #2) by Helen Phifer
    Police Procedural

    Review: The Girls in the Lake (Beth Adams #2) by Helen Phifer

    The water is beautiful.  The water will also pull you under into its murky depths without a care or a thought about race, gender or social standing.  If you don’t grant it the respect it so deserves it will unleash its power and it isn’t a battle you are going to win.  The Girls in the Lake is a steady paced police procedural which picks up a few weeks after book 1.  I felt that the first half of the novel was slower paced but it took off like a rocket in the second half.  The story is centred around the main character, Dr Beth Adams, a forensic pathologist.  She…

  • blood will be born by gary donnelly - Blog Tour: Blood Will Be Born by Gary Donnelly

    Blog Tour: Blood Will Be Born by Gary Donnelly

    Blood Will Be Born sets its explosive tone in the mind-blowing prologue.  Imagine a bullet ricocheting off the walls in a box room.  This is exactly how I would describe this cracking debut novel.  That bullet is speeding towards its end goal.  It’s impossible not to get hit in the wreckage, this is the delightful experience that Blood Will Be Born will engross you in.  every twist, every delightful description has you ducking but also in rapturous attention.  The story leaves you with a nasty case of whiplash that leaves you pained and distraught.  The deep meaning behind the title is pure poetic brilliance.  Bearing in mind that this is…