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    Diabolica Britannica: A Dark Isles Horror Compendium by various authors

    How the hell do I write this review? Diabolica Britannica is quite frankly everything that is good about the horror fiction genre neatly compacted in a kick ass anthology.  The genre is producing some of the best fiction out there at the moment and it’s getting harder to get scared and shocked but this awesome work of art packs a swift punch to jugular.  A Dark Isles Compendium instantly took me to the freezing and rugged coastline of the Scottish highlands,  the brutal streets of London and the isolating manor houses watching your every move, so it can make theirs!  As much as I love the genre, sometimes, the titles…

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    Psychological Thriller

    Strangers by C.L. Taylor | Review

    How to describe a stranger?  Someone you’ve yet to meet.  Do they wish you ill harm or are they a person who lives along the same confines and laws as you?  Strangers is three stories that interweaved with each other’s.  A calming hand in a storm of pain? What do these three stories have in common – compassion, understanding an humility. Our three main protagonists Ursula, Gareth and Alice are lost souls swimming in a sea of pain and desperation.  They are jaded with life – they’ve all been handed a shitty hand of cards.  Divorce and cheating, death of a loved one and caring responsibilities has these characters looking…

  • Untitled design 28 - Keep Him Close by Emily Koch | Review
    Psychological Thriller

    Keep Him Close by Emily Koch | Review

    Keep Him Close follows the story of two mothers.  Two mothers who have lost something incredibly close to them.  Grief can take many forms and both essentially aching from the pit of despair.  A longing that sits like rocks at the pit of the stomach.  A pain that they both need to learn to deal with.  We are taken on a journey of two women’s interweaving connection and a path crossed takes them both on trip of self-discovery and forgiveness.  One mother has lost her son and one has admitted to killing him, a friendship found in the strangest of places. You really don’t have the chance to breathe in…

  • killing in your name by gary donnelly - Killing In Your Name by Gary Donnelly | Blog Tour

    Killing In Your Name by Gary Donnelly | Blog Tour

    How often can you truly say that the second book in a series is as good as the debut?  From personal experience I could count on one hand how often that’s happened to me.  Killing In Your Name has surpassed Blood Will Be Born ( and I loved that).  It’s explosive, compulsive and knock your socks off shocking.  Gary Donnelly is swiftly becoming my favourite crime novelist – he can spin a yarn and have my guts twisted in knots with his raw storytelling.  The past truly catches up with you…the threads of the past always have a way of coming home to roost.  A boy’s body found in bogland. …

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    Sight Unseen by Sandra Ireland | Blog Tour

    How much do you trust the past?  This is the predominant theme in Sight Unseen.  When mother of one, supermarket manager, carer and history enthusiast, Sarah is stuck in a rut.  Her dream career and life never came to fruition due to the uncertainty of life.  She’s the safe one, never pushing the boundaries of responsibility or willing to take a risk of any kind.  Little does she know a wayward employee who keeps pushing her to the limit will awaken something that she didn’t know was missing.  Sometimes these encounters are catalysts for change.  Sight Unseen was magical.  It felt like a siren call.  What mother hasn’t got to…

  • Untitled design 27 - Crossroads by Laurel Hightower | Review

    Crossroads by Laurel Hightower | Review

    Crossroads…a fork in the road, a decision to be made, life taking a turn and lives altered.  Laurel Hightower has taken a certainty in life, death and given it a complex meaning, a burden, a floating through life trying to grasp the ending but never holding onto that tangible point.  Chris is existing through life after the death of her only son.  He is taken in the most tragic circumstances well before his time, a car crash.  Greif is crushing her, minute by minute, hour by hour.  A natural reaction to an unnatural event, but what would you do to have them back? Look at the cover – the desolation,…