• dark hollows by steve frech - Review: Dark Hollows by Steve Frech

    Review: Dark Hollows by Steve Frech

    Dark Hollows.  The premise of this book instantly grabbed me.  A spooky setting, an intriguing backstory, a loveable mutt and shrouded in the cloak of Halloween.  The vista was hypnotic.  I envisioned myself walking the paths, talking to the characters and being entranced by the quaint little town of The Hollows.  Life is finally going the way Jacob Reese wants it to.  He’s a respected businessman, a well-liked individual and most importantly he’s put his past to bed.  It’s not coming back to haunt him…until of course, he takes that booking from an attractive female.  A booking that he decides to forgo his usual booking protocols for.  Jacob Reese inherited…