• thoughtless by s c stephens - Book Review: Thoughtless by S.C Stephens
    New Adult

    Book Review: Thoughtless by S.C Stephens

    S.C Stephens is the leader in making you feel happy, deeply sad and down- right rage inducing angry! The story basically starts off with Kiera moving to Seattle to be with her boyfriend Denny, who has recently accepted an internship in the city. This is where she meets the Rock god, Kellan.  Denny is unexpectedly forced away for 2 months for work, which leaves Kiera upset and distraught at being left in a strange city all alone. Her “friendship” with Kellan turns into something more with “ innocent” flirting, that one night leads to a sexual drunken encounter with Kellan.  Kellan goes through the emotions of cold, sarcastic and back…