• 1500x500 - Female Norse Gods in a Modern World - NORSEVEMBER

    Female Norse Gods in a Modern World – NORSEVEMBER

    Norsevember is an event organised and created by Alex at Spells & Spaceships. Check out his blog for the full Norsevember hub, where you can find Norse book reviews, articles, and a schedule for all that’s to come. Norse female Goddesses played an integral role in The Viking’s beliefs and way of life.  We already know so much about the likes of Odin, Thor, and Loki but what of the lesser-known female deities?  How do their influence and stature relate to our own beliefs? Today’s Britons have adapted and made their aspects of the Norse way of life, they have taken on some nuances, developed core aspects of farming but…

  • 1500x500 - Games to Play During Norsevember

    Games to Play During Norsevember

    Norsevember is an awesome event created by Alex @Spells and Spaceships.  I love learning new pieces of lore or uncovering a new myth, but discovering a new game I can get lost in – well that’s priceless.  When I’m not reading fantasy or horror I love to get lost in an alternative world, gaming is amazing.  I can become a warrior, an elf, or a wizard, and it’s terrific not being me for a while.  In this article, we will be discussing the best Norse/Viking-themed games on the market.  Assassins Creed – Valhalla Personally, I think you would be hard pushed to find a better open-world game platform than the…

  • 1500x500 - Norsevember: A Northern Culture

    Norsevember: A Northern Culture

    Today I am absolutely delighted to be sharing an article about Nordic Culture for Norsevember hosted by the wonderful Alex @ BlogSpells. Scandinavia is a group of three countries; Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.  They share similar cultures and historical significance.  They are known as some of the happiest places to live on earth, but why?  What makes their culture supremely enriched compared to others?  How exactly did The Vikings contribute to this viewpoint?  Is it due to their economic stability?  High standard of living or is it something far more ancient?  Who Were the Vikings? The Vikings were traditionally farmers, blacksmiths, and craftsmen.  They weren’t men that immediately started raiding…