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    Sight Unseen by Sandra Ireland | Blog Tour

    How much do you trust the past?  This is the predominant theme in Sight Unseen.  When mother of one, supermarket manager, carer and history enthusiast, Sarah is stuck in a rut.  Her dream career and life never came to fruition due to the uncertainty of life.  She’s the safe one, never pushing the boundaries of responsibility or willing to take a risk of any kind.  Little does she know a wayward employee who keeps pushing her to the limit will awaken something that she didn’t know was missing.  Sometimes these encounters are catalysts for change.  Sight Unseen was magical.  It felt like a siren call.  What mother hasn’t got to…

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    Tales of Unexplained Mystery by Steph Young

    Review that moment when you receive a review request and it turns out to be just what your black soul had needed.  This book turned out to be all that more.  It just turned out to be the catalyst of great big emotions.  This book capitulates everything mystery.  The title brings it to life, gives it purpose and will have you questioning every little news report you ever recall seeing or hearing.  Is its clear cut?  Is something deeper and more sinister at play?  The book is a creeping shadow, threatening to jump out of the pages and swallow you whole.  Read on for my book review. Each individual story…