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    The readathon we’ve all been waiting for: Norsevember

    Have you got a gap in your diary that needs filling with books pronto? If you are anything like me, then probably not, but, find room for this super exciting readathon: Norsevember. Taking place in November and there is probably no better way to cosy up on those winter nights than reading about Vikings, rich landscapes and a good old death or ten. The participants will read about everything norse – reviews and discussion. If you are as excited as I am about it, then, read Alex’s post to get more information. There’s going to be some awesome giveaways and a super amazing ranking system- you seriously won’t want to…

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    Introducing a new venture: Insidious Book Tours

    Good Morning from a dreich and miserable Scotland. Today I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce to you a venture that has been in the works for close to two years- Insidious Book Tours. My journey with the horror genre began as a pre-teen with my introduction to Goosebumps by R.L. Stine. Those books were my escape and i loved the feeling of fear and excitement combined. Picking those up were my safe space and i would wait with baited breath on the next one being released. Short and sweet but those books were my gateway into a world I’d come to crave. I had my first child in…

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    Diary Entry Of Gandalf The Grey. The Grey Vs. The Balrog.

    Gandalf The Grey is dead. I, of course, knew that it would end this way.  However, the fellowship needed to see the positivity, that indominable sense that good will prevail, but good doesn’t always win the battle.  Good doesn’t always ride off into the sunset on a dashing, brilliant white stallion.  Everything that is bad about this godforsaken earth injects its poison and spreads its plague as far as the eye can see.  The shadows and the light.  Nothing is safe from the rottenness that evil has permeated.  The one ring to rule them all is no different.   Power corrupts, and the ring maintains it.  The fellowship is in chaos. …