Dark Romance

  • Dark Romance

    A Debt Repaid (The Debt Duet #2) by Clarissa Wild

    A debt repaid is the concluding book in the steamy and utterly addictive two book Dark Romance series, Debt Duet.  Book one finished with a frustrating but necessary cliff-hanger.  Charlotte had finally snapped, she could take no more of the manipulation and mind games of the ever sexy and devious Easton.  I want you.  I’ve always wanted you… Charlotte’s escape left major ramifications in both her life and Easton’s.  Charlotte is now trying to survive out with Easton’s control but not being able to speak the language or have a roof over her head is a challenge she struggles to accept.  She is a girl on her own, she stands…

  • Dark Romance

    A Debt Owed (The Debt Duet #1) by Clarissa Wild

    She’s my hostage, someone I keep in a soft and velvety cage for my selfish needs. What would you do if you were forced to marry someone you didn’t love, but if you didn’t you would watch someone you love die. Charlotte is a tortured soul. All her life she has gone out of her way to try and please her father, to gain some kind of attention from him but he’s always just viewed her as an annoyance, someone he tolerates just because he has to. She’s been physically abused by him (at his own wedding no less) and now she has to save his sinking business by being…