love you to death - Love You To Death by Terry Miller
Extreme Horror

Love You To Death by Terry Miller

Love You to Death by Terry Miller
Published by Self Published on 2 December 2023
Genres: Extreme Horror
Pages: 142
Format: eBook
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five stars - Love You To Death by Terry Miller

Ricky Peters and Mary Sloan are two people of little substance. They live for three things - sex, partying, and murder. On a vicious joyride of death and debauchery, they go wherever Ricky's '96 Mustang GT will take them. It's not long before the bodies begin to pile up, victims of killers with deadly axes to grind. Ricky and Mary find their adrenaline high more difficult to maintain the further they devolve into their bloodlusts. Will they maintain their momentum or crash and burn as their patience with one another screeches to a bloody halt?TRIGGER THIS BOOK CONTAINS EXPLICIT LANGUAGE AND GRAPHIC SEXUAL CONTENT. IF THAT'S NOT YOUR THING, THIS BOOK'S NOT FOR YOU!

Love You to Death by Terry Miller is a book that reaffirms just why you love extreme horror. The blood, the gore, the dynamic of relationships. Violent, gruesome, unhinged. Bonnie & Clyde on crack…



Sexual Assault, Rape, Drugging, Genital mutilation & Substance abuse. Extreme Horror

My Review of Love You to Death

Love You to Death…what does those words signify to you? It might mean that you love your significant other until you both breathe your last. It might mean the veracity of your love for your partner. But for Ricky and Mary it means that – they love each other a little too much, verging on the realms of obsession. Their relationship is not healthy, and neither of them realise it. Their too busy murdering and assaulting their victims to examine the nuances of their relationship.

I wouldn’t want to look too deeply into their relationship from a psychology standpoint. Quite clearly, they’ve both been through some kind of trauma – but, what they subject their victims to, is inexcusable. The world is a big place, just like we can’t escape the political unrest, we also have to face facts that there are people like this out there. it’s a scary thought!

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Mary and Ricky love three things – booze, sex, and murder. They travel from state to state, town to town, looking for a little fun. Terry Miller masterfully played with my mind. I despised these two characters – that’s when you know the author’s done a good job! I mean that first paragraph sealed my opinion of them. It dawned on me just how easy it can be to lure a victim – I think as humans we can be too trusting, too eager to make a friend or make a connection, especially if they live an empty life. As the bodies mount, not one of them were wary of Mary and Ricky and that astounded me. Maybe I’m a little distrusting by nature!

This story reminded me a lot of Death Deserved by Jorn Lier Horst & Thomas Enger, check out my review here.

‘Ricky reached behind himself, grabbed a hammer, and brought the down hard on her clit, shattering it and the frozen surrounding tissue to pieces.’

Action-packed, with twists and turns at every junction, Love You to Death take you on a rollercoaster to hell! Extreme horror to the max!

‘Sleeping victims don’t scream.’

These two are plain dumb but sadistic with it. Their drug and alcohol fuelled murdering frenzy is only going to end up with them caught. They aren’t careful by any means and Ricky leaves his DNA all over the victims. Or the renting out of rooms that could be easily linked to them, despite them using fake names or the fact their car has been linked to the scene of a murder. Terry Miller is excellent at leaving the door open, letting you make your own judgements. That ending was woah…psychotic!


Love You to Death by Terry Miller is perfect for the small screen with its crazy as beans storyline and violence. I had to convince myself that this wasn’t a true crime adaption.

What was the last horror book that left you speechless?

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Terry Miller

Terry Miller is a Rhysling Award-nominated poet and author living in Portsmouth, Ohio. His work has been featured in Sanitarium Magazine, Devolution Z, Jitter, Rhysling Anthology 2017, Poetry Quarterly, Sirens Call Ezine, The Horror Tree’s Trembling With Fear, SpillWords, Organic Ink Vol. I, Curses & Cauldrons Anthology from Blood Song Books, Forest of Fear from Blood Song Books, the Dark Drabble Anthology Series from Black Hare Press, 100 Word Zombie Bites from Reanimated Writers Press, Scary Snippets, Guilty Pleasures & Other Dark Delights, 100 Word Horrors 3, and O Unholy Night In Deathlehem from Grinning Skull Press.


five stars - Love You To Death by Terry Miller

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