Such a loving couple - Such a Loving Couple by Hayley Smith
Domestic Thriller

Such a Loving Couple by Hayley Smith

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Such a Loving Couple by Hayley Smith
Published by Bookouture on 8 November 2023
Genres: Domestic Thriller
Pages: 326
Format: ARC, eBook
Source: NetGalley, Publisher
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four stars - Such a Loving Couple by Hayley Smith

I blink open my eyes, taking in bright lights and a white room. A man smiles warmly at me from the end of my bed. ‘Honey, I’ve been so worried,’ he says gently. ‘Do you remember me? I’m your husband.’ My blood runs cold. I don’t know where I am, or who I am. All I know is I’ve never seen this man before…

As he packs my things, the nurses tell me Freddie hasn’t left my bedside since the accident I was in days ago. They tell me I’m lucky. We seem like the perfect couple, and together we’ll figure out what happened. So I go home to a beautiful house with a fancy marble kitchen and manicured garden that is supposedly ours. But deep down I know something isn’t right. Even though my memories are gone, this doesn’t feel like my life.

Slowly, flashes of memory come back. First the accident – the pouring rain, a swerving car, a sudden scream. Somebody whispering, ‘ I’ll love you forever ’. But most heartbreaking of all are the haunting memories of a blue-eyed little girl. Is she my little girl? Was she in the accident too? Or is she in terrible danger?

Freddie is determined to keep me safe and hide me from the world. But I can’t shake the feeling that we aren’t the loving couple he wants us to be, and that beyond this house a precious child needs me now more than ever. So why am I here? What does Freddie want? And how far will I have to go, to discover the truth?

An utterly gripping and page-turning psychological thriller filled with dark secrets and deadly obsessions. Perfect for fans of The Housemaid , The Family Upstairs , and The Serial Killer’s Wife .

The very first sentence of Such a Loving Couple by Hayley Smith hooked me. The story highlights that a mother’s love will always prevail.



Amnesia, Infidelity & Grief

My Review of Such a Loving Couple

There’s something captivating about stories of amnesia and memory loss. They draw you in and prompt you to ponder what would happen if you found yourself in the same situation. Imagine gazing at your loved ones, recognizing them, yet being oblivious to your shared history. Where would you even start to unravel the threads of your missing memory?


Becka wakes up after a serious accident. As she lies in the hospital, she is unsure of why or how she got there. Initially, her own name escapes her memory. The man by her bedside, Freddie, her supposed husband, fails to evoke any familiar feelings. Despite being by her bedside for days, he remains a stranger to her.

The amnesia caused by an accident that saw her car swept away in flood water. Mainly due to some disturbance in oxygen going to the brain, saw her forgetting everything before her accident and the accident itself. She needs to take Freddie’s word for it. She has to let him help her to fill in the missing pieces of herself. Becka begins to doubt everything when she discovers another woman’s clothes stashed behind the boiler. And why is there a teenage girl calling round the house looking for her? instead of it getting easier, Becka is becoming more confused with her situation.

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Hayley Smith captures the desolation of having no memories perfectly in Such a Loving Couple. The fear – of not knowing who you are is all consuming. The narrative quickly throws the reader into a spin. You just have to go along with it and hope for the best. The descriptive writing shows exactly the emotion felt at every stage of her memory returning. The emphatic connection between reader and protagonist is done with such finesse, it has you looking for the answer on Becka’s behalf.

This story reminded me a lot of The Couple Next Door by Cole Baxter. Check my review here.

‘What’s your name, love?’

Such a Loving Couple is a story about obsession and family. A vivid style The way the story came together was sublime – satisfying, like putting in that final piece of a jigsaw puzzle.

‘Something has been exposed, a nerve to an icy blast of air. I need to keep going with this, even though I’m afraid of what I might unveil.’

Becka is very easy to relate to. She’s been caught up in circumstances out with her control. How would any of us react to this situation? I think I’d crumble, not knowing my past or the people around me. Becka’s strength is tantamount to her character.  She’s strong, grasping each bit of information between her teeth, like a dog with a bone. She won’t give up until all the pieces lock into place.


The ending caught me off guard but was entirely deserved! It unfolds at a cracking pace.

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Hayley Smith

Hayley Smith is married with three children and lives in Derbyshire, UK.

She has worked as a graphic designer, youth worker and musician, and has been involved for many years in organising music festivals and gigs.

Having a penchant for all things alternative, she often dips into the counter-culture scene for writing inspiration, producing quirky rough-edged characters and dark, unpredictable twists, turns and moral dilemmas.


four stars - Such a Loving Couple by Hayley Smith

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