5 Essential Updates Goodreads Should Implement
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5 Essential Updates Goodreads Should Implement

Goodreads is a popular online platform for book lovers and avid readers. However, despite its popularity, there are reasons why Goodreads needs an update. It’s popularity has been decline in recent years with its outdated user interface and practises. But, what updates do they need to implement? What would make the site a better option, rather than one of it’s competitors such as Storygraph?


Interface Updates

One of the most significant reasons why Goodreads needs an update is its interface. The current interface is outdated and can be difficult to navigate. An update can make the interface easier to navigate and more intuitive, improving the user experience for Goodreads users. Take their search bar for instance, you can be typing out the name of a well known book and Goodreads will throw up suggestions that are not linked to the book you’re searching for in any way. It’s not spelled the same, it’s not by the same author, nothing. It makes no sense.

Additionally, updating the interface can make it more visually appealing. A modern and visually appealing interface can enhance the overall experience of using Goodreads and make it more appealing to new users. Can you just for a moment imagine a Goodreads with bright colour? or not. Just anything that’s better than that beige vomit they have currently. One thing that Storygraph do well, is the breakdown of reading stats, that’s something I would like to see from Goodreads, but, as yet it doesn’t appear to be on the cards.

Social Networking Updates

Another area where Goodreads needs an update is in its social networking features. Currently, the social networking aspects of Goodreads are limited, making it challenging for users to connect and interact with others. An update can improve the social aspect of the site, allowing users to interact with other readers, share recommendations, and create book clubs.

Improving the social aspect of Goodreads can also encourage engagement and increase user retention. Readers often enjoy a sense of community and support when interacting with fellow book enthusiasts, and an update can enhance that experience.

StoryGraph has a strong focus on social features, allowing readers to connect with each other and share their thoughts on the books they are reading. Users can follow other authors, join book clubs, and participate in discussions. Goodreads also has social features, but they tend to focus primarily on interactions between users rather than direct interactions between authors and readers.

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Library Updates

The library aspect of Goodreads also needs to be updated. Currently, the library feature is limited in terms of functionality. An update can add new features to enhance the library experience. For example, users could have the ability to sort their books by genre, author, or publication date, making it easier to find what they are looking for.

Additionally, an update can make it easier for users to add new books to their library. Currently, the process is cumbersome and can result in lost or forgotten books. By streamlining the add-book process, users will have a more convenient and organized way to track their reading progress.

StoryGraph has a more extensive book catalog compared to Goodreads. The platform allows users to search for books by title, author, or genre, and offers detailed book information, including reviews, ratings, and summaries. Goodreads, on the other hand, primarily relies on user-generated content, such as reviews and ratings. Some books may not be available in Goodreads’ catalog if they are not popular or have been published recently.

Accessibility Updates

Another area where Goodreads needs an update is in its accessibility. Currently, the site is not optimised for visually impaired users, making it difficult for them to navigate and utilise the platform. An update can include features such as screen reader compatibility, larger font size options, and high contrast themes to improve accessibility for visually impaired users.

Moreover, accessibility updates can enhance the experience for mobile users. Currently, the Goodreads mobile app has limitations compared to its desktop counterpart. An update can improve the functionality and user experience of the mobile app, making it more accessible to users on the go.

Security Updates

Finally, Goodreads needs security updates to protect user data and improve login authentication processes. With the increase in online security threats, it is crucial for Goodreads to implement robust security measures to safeguard user information. An update can involve upgrading the encryption protocols, implementing two-factor authentication, and regularly monitoring for vulnerabilities.

By prioritising security, Goodreads can ensure that its users’ data remains safe and secure. It will also improve the trust of users, encouraging them to continue using the platform.

In conclusion, Goodreads needs an update to address several areas, including interface updates, social networking updates, library updates, accessibility updates, and security enhancements. Implementing these updates can significantly improve the overall user experience and enhance the features and functionality of Goodreads. By investing in updates, Goodreads can stay relevant and continue to provide a valuable platform for readers and book enthusiasts.

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