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A Hard Woman is Good to Find by Ash Ericmore

A Hard Woman is Good to Find by Ash Ericmore
Published by Self Published on 10 January 2024
Genres: Extreme Horror
Pages: 75
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased Book
four stars - A Hard Woman is Good to Find by Ash Ericmore

A Hard Woman contains scenes of a disturbing nature and is not for everyone. Consider this a trigger warning for everything …

My husband, our baby, and I.

Life was perfect, or close to it, even though we had our little knocks. Some of those little knocks led from one thing to another, and we ended up in a rundown tower block. Yet still nothing could shake my happiness.

Not until one night.

When everything was taken from me.

A Hard Woman is Good to Find by Ash Ericmore grips readers with its gruesome and razor-sharp narrative, addressing pressing issues while maintaining a firm pulse on the storyline.



Child death, spousal death, graphic death scenes

My Review of A Hard Woman is Good To Find

A Hard Woman is Good To Find by Ash Ericmore is book six in my Godless books readathon. If you want to join in please feel free.

Life can be a wonderful thing. You can meet the one, have children together, and have a wonderful life together. Life can also be a burning dumpster. With the rising costs of life, Harry and his wife end up having to move when he’s told that he might not have a secure job anymore. They’ve just had a little boy and the timing couldn’t have been worse. They also have to move from their beautiful home after the bills become too much.

Choosing a high-rise block of flats for their new residence wasn’t their initial preference, and understandably so. The bond between them is firmly established, rooted in deep family connections and unwavering devotion. The portrayal of a family that is anything but perfect is a refreshing departure from the norm, highlighting the imperfections and challenges they face in their less-than-ideal life. Despite the hope that moving into the high-rise would mark a fresh beginning, it turned out to be more of a conclusion—a final nail in the coffin.

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A Hard Woman is Good to Find is full of grit and determination, borne out of hate and venom. The protagonist is crafted so meticulously that you just want to reach out and hug her. You feel the hungering need to support her, to tell her it’ll all be okay, even when you know it won’t be. Every emotion is stirred by the individual actions of others.

This book reminded me a lot of the thriller, Woman on the Edge by Samantha M. Bailey. You can read my review here.

‘He looked like he was sleeping, all but his eyes hung open, slowly becoming opaque.’

A Hard Woman is Good to Find was no ordinary horror story. Full of urban, concrete atmosphere, this is not going to be a place you send a postcard from saying ‘wish you were here.’

‘There was no sign that anything was wrong apart from the underlying smell of dried, warm, blood.’

I took a side. I was committed. How can you not pick a side in this kind of circumstance? The wife was gunning for blood, and I felt that rush of adrenaline too. I could feel the feminine rage pumping through my veins, and I just wanted to see justice done. See it done in the way those thugs had meted it out. I was not disappointed.

You can buy the book at Godless


I couldn’t put it down! You will ignore everything and everyone until it’s over.

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Ash Ericmore

Ash Ericmore is a British horror author. He resides in the south, in the Garden of England. He writes horror that is sometimes fantastical, sometimes grounded, but always deeply graphic, and black with humour.

You can find him at his website by searching Google for ashericmore, or on Facebook, Patreon, Twitter and more!


four stars - A Hard Woman is Good to Find by Ash Ericmore

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