New Year New Me - New Year, New Me by Caitlin Marceau
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New Year, New Me by Caitlin Marceau

New Year, New Me by Caitlin Marceau
Published by Self Published on 9 January 2024
Genres: Horror
Pages: 15
Format: eBook
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five stars - New Year, New Me by Caitlin Marceau

With her time running out, Marie wants nothing more than to spend the night ringing in the new year with her husband and child. Unfortunately, she's forced to pass the time alone as she finishes a project that fills her with existential terror instead. As the evening rushes to a close, she finds herself reflecting on the importance of marriage, motherhood, and what makes Marie Marie. Most importantly, she can't help but wonder if she's really ready for a New Year, New Me.

New Year, New Me by Caitlin Marceau is an ankle biter of a story. Smaller in length, but those teeth dig into you and draw blood with its ferociousness.



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My Review of New Year, New Me

New Year, New Me by Cailtin Marceau is book Five in my Godless January Readathon. If you’d like to join in please feel free.

New Year, New Me by Caitlin Marceau is a fantastic horror short story. Having delved into so much horror, I’ve discovered that these types of works can be hit or miss for me, but this, unquestionably, was a hit.

Within a few sentences I was in. I was on it like a car bonnet, an outdated phrase I know, but I’m old dammit, leave me be! Very quickly Caitlin Marceau created a sense of dread, the words dancing in the light, creating a deadly shadow. My eyes were on red alert!

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While Caitlin Marceau’s books are well-loved, this is my first encounter with her work. However, I already have ‘This is where we talk things out’ on my Kindle, and I need to make it a priority because her writing is pin-sharp. She wields the pen or keyboard like a devil, whatever floats your proverbial boat! ‘New Year, New Me’ has a thrilling quality that had me gazing deep into my husband’s eyes, asking, ‘what version are you?’ Marceau possesses the ability to tug at the seams of life, testing how far they can stretch before ultimately throttling you with the very fabric that holds you together!

Caitlin Marceau’s other novel, A Blackness Absolute is featured on my list – Indie Horror Novels to Watch.

‘He was your son. But he is mine. Now give me the rest of the information about this supposed anomaly so you can boot down and leave me to-‘

New Year, New Me is a home run. Androids and Mothers don’t mix. There’s only going to be one outcome and it involves violence.

‘Marie isn’t the original; she’s a machine.’

Although a very short read, Marceau has packed character development between its limited pages. As a reader, we feel that we know Marie. We know her motivations, we know her shortcomings and we yell along with her to sort some issues out. The narrative blew me away with the balance of important details and lashings of blood. Can you tell how much I loved it?


You know what? I really enjoyed this one. Different, flips the script, came at just the right time.

five stars - New Year, New Me by Caitlin Marceau


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