Where the evil things dwell - Where the Evil Things Dwell by Harrison Phillips - Review
Horror,  Monster

Where the Evil Things Dwell by Harrison Phillips – Review

Where the Evil Things Dwell by Harrison Phillips
Published by Self Published on December 2023
Genres: Horror
Pages: 80
Format: eBook
Source: Purchased Book
four stars - Where the Evil Things Dwell by Harrison Phillips - Review

Erin was only twelve years of age and already she'd been through more devastation and heartache than most people do in their entire lifetime. She and her mother moved to a new town, so that they might put it all behind them.

And now, Erin has a new group of friends. They spend their days at the den, hidden deep within the woods on the outskirts of the city. She can finally feel herself growing happy once again.

That is until something moves into their den. Is it really a monster, like Billy says it is? Or is it just a man?

It looks like a man, but then, some men are worse than monsters...

Where The Evil Things Dwell was a nice brutal start to the new year. Read in around two hours it kicks you in the genitals before it serenades you. If you want to bypass the wine and dining before you’re bent over, then read this now.



Child Sex Abuse.

My Review of Where the Evil Things Dwell

Coming of age stories are a lot of fun, coming of age stories with psyche melting horror is even better. On a whim, I decided to do a Godless Books readathon for the month of January. I didn’t realise just how awesome that decision would be. The first read hit a resounding note, and the author brilliantly executed the molding of trauma, along with capturing the desire and need to fit in.

Erin is a character that has resilience in spades. Likewise she doesn’t realise it, and demonstrated incredible strength as shades of darkness surrounded her home, yet she persistently attempts to let the light in.  The story is compelling – a girl suffering from the worst kind of trauma, trying to move on – a new town, a new home, a mum that’s struggling and the will to make friends.

It’s rare to get a book that leaves you shocked at it’s conclusion and the only thing I can compare it to was the ending in Kev Harrison’s Curfew.

“She was glad he was dead. She was glad everybody was dead. Now this nightmare could finally come to an end.”

The story “Where The Evil Things Dwell” completely ensnares you. At the heart of everything, Harrison Phillips, understands that the human condition is far scarier than any monster lurking in the dark.

“His eyes almost looked black, as if they were infested with pure evil.”

Diving into Where the Evil Things Dwell was a bit like running through a snowstorm. There were no familiar landmarks, no signposts, nothing but tension. I felt like I was in a horror game – you knew something was going to jump out at you, you just didn’t know when.


The novella hit me where it hurts in the very first few pages. Harrison Phillips certainly doesn’t waste one sentence, hell, he doesn’t waste one word. Everything is leading to something, the breadcrumbs leading a trail into the dark. The question really is – should you trust it? The author mind blowingly filled the pages with the said and the unsaid with vigour.

You can buy it from Godless Books.

Grisly and relentlessly chilling. Reads like a fever dream.

four stars - Where the Evil Things Dwell by Harrison Phillips - Review

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