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The Hill by Iain Rob Wright

The Spread by Iain Rob Wright
Published by Ulcerated Press on August 21, 2020
ISBN: 9781913523510
Genres: Fiction, Horror, Virus, Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic
Pages: 162
Format: eBook
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four stars - The Hill by Iain Rob Wright

An ancient land hides a new threat...
The Scottish Highlands; a sparse, mountainous region some say was carved by the gods themselves. Few places are as untouched as this harsh, prehistoric landscape. It is no place for man.

But nestled deep within the wilderness lies a cottage, and behind that cottage is a hill...

When a group of friends travel up from Manchester and hire the cottage for a weekend of boozy fun, they discover a threat far greater than the harsh landscape and unwelcoming weather.

Something deadly lies upon the hill.

And it's waiting.

The Hill is like The hulk on Crack, like all the crack. Like if he went to crack mountain consumed all the crack and came back again then you would have The Hill book 1 in The Spread series.

The Hill is book 1 in The Spread series of books by notorious British horror author, Iain Rob Wright. Now, I’d been meaning to get to these books for some time and with spooky season almost upon us, I thought I’d grab the bull by the horns and dig in. One thing I loved about this first instalment was the character development. The idea of a bunch of mates having an almost reunion for a stag do becoming unstuck by the finding of a mysterious green goo kept me entertained throughout.

Iain Rob Wright’s writing was flawless and has the ability to create a terrifying story that still had heart and a slight sprinkling of hope. He seamlessly knitted together the stories of past and present together. This can be tricky to get right especially when you have the added complication of the apocalypse taking root.

“Attack of the Fuzzy Green Zombies,”

The strength of the book lies in its characters and the examination of the human condition. How do people act in times of stress. How many times can you knock on the door of death before they finally come to claim you? A group of friends travel to the Scottish Highlands to celebrate the impending marriage of one of their friends. It’s just meant to be a fun weekend with drinking, relaxing and reminiscing, what they don’t anticipate finding is a green gunk that has the ability of turning them into furry green monsters. Kind of like the hulk on crack.


image 9 - The Hill by Iain Rob Wright

One of Horror’s most respected authors, Iain Rob Wright is the writer of more than twenty books, many of them bestsellers. A previous Kindle All-Star and a mainstay in the horror charts, he is a prolific producer of unique and original stories. From his apocalyptic saga The Gates to his claustrophobic revenge thriller ASBO, Iain writes across a broad spectrum of sub genres, creating both beloved series and standalone titles.

With work available in several languages and in audio, Iain Rob Wright is one of the fastest rising stars in horror, but when not writing he is a dedicated family man. Father to Jack and Molly, and husband to Sally, he is often seen sharing his family memories with his fans on Facebook.

Iain Rob Wright

four stars - The Hill by Iain Rob Wright

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