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Psychological Thriller

The Patient by Cole Baxter

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Patient by Cole Baxter
Published by Inkubator Books on 1 October 2023
Genres: Psychological Thriller, Mental Illness, Domestic Thriller
Pages: 306
Format: ARC, eBook
Source: NetGalley, Publisher
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five stars - The Patient by Cole Baxter

The things he fears the most are the ones inside his head.

Ten years ago, James Owens was convicted of a murder he couldn’t remember committing. Now, finally released from the mental institution where he’s served his time, he is placed under house arrest in the sprawling family home he has inherited from his father.

Living in isolation, visited only by his therapist, parole officer, and supportive but controlling twin Janet, he at least has something resembling peace. But he is still haunted by hallucinations, nightmares, and bizarre memories which may or may not be real.

Strange sounds in the house, and objects which disappear or are mysteriously damaged all add to his fear that he is sliding into uncontrolled insanity again.

But is he? Or is his fragile mental state being manipulated by someone with a sinister agenda of their own?

When tragedy strikes, James must go on a journey that will force him to confront the past – and the haunted depths of his own tortured soul.

The Patient – the terrifying psychological thriller perfect for fans of Freida McFadden, Daniel Hurst, and K L Slater.

The Patient had me in a chokehold and I couldn’t move until I had all the answers. It was totally worth all the stress!

Honestly, this book caught me completely off kilter. I’ve read a few of Cole Baxter’s books before but The Patient is in a league all its own. Not only did it grip me in only a few words, but my brain tried to come up with plausible connections all were wrong, of course. My tea went cold, the blanket was tossed to the side, and I had my kindle in a death grip. I sacked off the chores for the day because there was no way I was moving.

Mental health is a subject very close to my heart. I’m sure we’ve all been there, right? We’ve all gone through periods in our lives where things have just got too much. The stress of everyday life, financial woes, health worries, and genetic predispositions to anxiety and depression. I think if you haven’t experienced poor mental health then you’re an extremely lucky individual.

Cole Baxter has taken a many difficult themes and created a story that makes your heart plummet. The reader gets a story about an action that changed an entire life. The author served up a meal with all the extras – the gravy, the stuffing, the works.

This book made me feel it all. I had extreme feelings of anger, sadness, and fear. The author did his job well. The reader was given such an important starting point and it just careened like an avalanche you can’t stop; all you can do is jump out the way and hope for the best.

James Owens was committed to a mental hospital ten years ago after being convicted with the murder of his girlfriend. He was deemed incapable of coping with his actions, so he spent his time in hospital. I enjoyed the relationship between James and his probation officer. It was heartwarming to see someone in his corner. Someone who was willing to take a look at his case and see if everything added up or something fishy had gone on. In the meantime, James has his sister to stay to help him readjust to life on the outside and let me tell you, I have never come across a nastier piece of work than her. Some serious jealousy festering within her.

My brain went into overdrive as the story progressed. I had the best time coming up with the most far-fetched, unbelievable theories and still I got them completely wrong. Cole Baxter led me up a deserted path and jumped out at me. The blend of adrenaline and questions increase to a fever and pitch and by the end you feel emotionally wrung out.


image 8 - The Patient by Cole Baxter

Cole Baxter loves writing psychological suspense thrillers. It’s all about that last reveal that he loves shocking readers with.

He grew up in New York, where there crime was all around. He decided to turn that into something positive with his fiction.

His stories will have you reading through the night—they are very addictive!

Sign up for Cole’s VIP Reader Club and find out about his latest releases, giveaways, and more here http://eepurl.com/dqL8yT

Cole Baxter

five stars - The Patient by Cole Baxter

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