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Psychological Thriller

Not Hers To Take by Kieron Cosgrave & Christine Hancock

Not Hers to Take on 25 May 2021
Genres: Domestic Thriller, Psychological Thriller
Pages: 324
Format: eBook
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three stars - Not Hers To Take by Kieron Cosgrave & Christine Hancock

Is a life for a life too high a price to pay?

Someone wants a part of Ruby.

Rebel, Ruby Harper, is the black sheep of the family. She’s always felt second best. Never good enough.

When her estranged sister visits the florist shop where she is manager making unrealistic demands, Ruby is left reeling. But life is never that simple. Haunted by the past, unable to forgive and forget, Ruby outright refuses to help.

But Ruby’s decision has grave consequences…

When the seemingly perfect man enters her life, Ruby puts her sister’s request to the back of her mind and finally finds happiness. Or so she thinks…

But her sister won’t let it lie. She can’t…

When her boss at the florists questions her lover’s credentials, Ruby fears she has misjudged his intentions. His suffocating affections only increase her paranoia. As does her sister’s increasingly unhinged behaviour.

Who can she trust? Her sister? Lover? Is it time for Ruby to turn the tables on those who might want her dead?

Not Hers To Take is a unique and absorbing suspense murder mystery and the third standalone book in our Psychological Suspense Mystery Series.

If you like tense medical suspense conspiracies featuring kidnapping with lots of twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love this dark story of sibling rivalry by Amazon Bestselling Author, Keiron Cosgrave and Christine Hancock.

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***** ‘WOW! A roller coaster read. Sleep eluded me… My head was spinning… I hope readers enjoy this book as much as I did.’ Goodreads reviewer

***** ‘WOW what can I say this was one of the best books I have read so far this year…’

***** ‘What a great plot in this book! Finished in the small hours…’

***** ‘Brilliant from the first to the last page. There are twists and turns throughout the book. The “mutt’s nuts”!’

***** ‘Completely addictive’

***** ‘British domestic urban crime suspense at its best. A strong female protagonist and siblings at war.’

***** ‘A unique medical suspense mystery.’

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‘Intriguing, strong characters and full of atmosphere. Incredibly evocative women’s fiction…’ ADAM CROFT #1 International Best Selling Author of Her Last Tomorrow & Tell Me I’m Wrong

‘Terrific new thriller…’ SAMANTHA LEE HOWE, USA TODAY bestselling author of The Stranger In Our Bed‘

‘Excellent! Intriguing plot with well drawn characters. The pace picks up to a gripping, dramatic finish that kept me guessing to the end - 5 stars!’ The Word Is Out - Alyson’s Reviews

Not Hers to Take was a quick, fast paced read. Although I didn’t love every element of the story, the writing was fantastic, and I was still engrossed until the end. It really gave new meaning to blood isn’t necessarily thicker than water. Sibling relationships can be difficult. I don’t have a close relationship with my own brother. It might be due to the fact that there’s over five years between us and also due to the fact that siblings grow up and grow apart. We have different ambitions, a different set of values, I think this novel really brought that fact home to roost.

Ruby Harper has had a difficult life – as a child she was closer to her father. They were alike, and both suffered at the hands of their high maintenance mother, Grace. Ruby and her sister, Sara have never seen eye to eye. When Ruby comes home after an argument with her boyfriend, Matt about taking the next step – Sara spots the opportunity to mess with Ruby’s head some more. The results are catastrophic – Matt ends up in a wheelchair and forever disabled. Ruby feels betrayed by all those around her and vows to never trust any of them again.

Many years later Sara contacts Ruby out of the blue to meet up. Of course, Ruby is wary of the reasons why. She knows that everything went to Sara after their mother died of terminal cancer. There’s nothing that Sara could possibly need from Ruby. In a turnup for the books it turns out that Sara needs Ruby’s kidney after Sara is diagnosed with the same terminal cancer that Grace had. Ruby flat out refuses, which sets Sara on a spiral to concoct a plan to force Ruby to give her her kidney.

So, a few things that I struggled with – I didn’t care for any of the characters all that much. Ruby was okay but I feel she acted without even seeing the thousands of red flags that Nathan brought up and she was so quick to say no to the kidney transplant – I just think people in general may act hasty but they their internal monologue would eat away at them. I just thought both sisters were incredibly selfish. Matt was the only person I liked. Although he acted like a grade A dick as a teenager, I think its safe to say that we all act like idiots at that age. Also, Sara, my god, did I hate her. How is it even conceivable to think that someone could go to all that deceit to harvest their own sister’s kidney. I know cancer can make you behave in a desperate way, but this was just too much.

Not Hers to Take was written incredibly well but the plot was just too far fetched for my liking. I know that we all suspend disbelief when reading fiction but this felt like a step too far for me.

three stars - Not Hers To Take by Kieron Cosgrave & Christine Hancock


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