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The Exeter Incident by David Watkins

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

The Exeter Incident by David Watkins
Published by D&T Publishing LLC on November 18 2022
ISBN: 9781959778042
Genres: Horror, Creature
Pages: 361
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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four stars - The Exeter Incident by David Watkins

As a series of gruesome murders are discovered in Exeter, Detective Inspectors Danni
Brent and John Carter begin to suspect the killer may not be human. Their investigation is
only a few hours old when they also realise the murderer can’t be acting alone.
There’s more than one.
A lot more.
Paul Kingston is on the run and hiding in Exeter. Whilst trying to secure a new
identity, he comes face to face with an impossible monster. Hunted, alone and afraid, who
can he turn to? Who can he trust?
None of them know that Exeter is about to experience its darkest day.
None of them know time is running out.
The clock is already ticking….

"Great monsters and dynamic characters make this brutal, bloody, brilliant novel an essential read. I'll never see Exeter in the same light again!" - Tim Lebbon, The Last Storm

"Move over Masterton; there is a new master of techno horror; the Exeter Incident is a glorious over the top thrill ride of unrelenting horror." -- Jim McLeod, Gingernuts of Horror

"In The Exeter Incident, Watkins seamlessly blends a police action drama with monstrous sci-fi horror. Its frenetic set pieces stand side-by-side with sensitive, three-dimensional character building which will have the reader rooting for the protagonists to the bloody end." -- Kev Harrison, author of Below

The Exeter Incident felt fresh and exciting. It was otherworldly and gripping. Watkins genius is his ability to strip away the veil, unleashing the horror contained within.

The Exeter Incident was a fantastic foray into creature feature/cosmic horror. Have you ever questioned why life is so boring? Why nothing interesting ever happens? Well, The Exeter Incident might just make you thankful for your nice dull life. You can’t buy excitement from Amazon, but you can buy The Exeter Incident and it equates to the same thing.

At the heart of this novel is hope. If humanity does nothing else right, it’s their blind faith that everything will turn out well that does give them their one redeeming feature. Watkins examines what happens when all seems lost, and when hope is all that, they have left. When everything is stripped back what are they left with?

David Watkins had the claws sunk right in. I was hooked. Told in multiple POV’s we see the psyche of characters put under a microscope. We see the true character of someone when they are on the edge looking into a dark pit. It stirred a sense of humanity in me – I felt sad, I ached for some to survive and conquer the depth of evil that reside under Exeter’s ground. I freaking love indie horror and this is up there with some of the best I’ve read, tension, pacing, character work, it had it all. If you don’t feel like you’re living through the pages, then pick that book down, and pick this one up.

One thing that hit me with this story was how much I kept likening the events to a city locked down in terror. Murders are discovered in a disused warehouse. The investigating Detectives are hit with the idea that the killers aren’t human, and they aren’t acting alone. The descriptors were brilliant and the war scenes…man this is exactly why I read for escapism.

I was on Kingston’s side from the very beginning. Maybe he isn’t the obvious choice, but he was just a teenager. Haven’t we all made stupid mistakes when we were that age. Peer pressure and hormones are a deadly mix, and they end up doing something they really shouldn’t. His internal turmoil regarding his sexuality was another layer of his character and brought a sense of realness to him.


image - The Exeter Incident by David Watkins

David Watkins lives in Devon in the UK with his wife, two sons, dog, cat and two turtles. He is unsure of his place in the pecking order: probably somewhere between the cat and the turtles.

He has currently released three novels: The Original’s Return, The Original’s Retribution and The Devil’s Inn. Each book is well rated and reviewed on Amazon and beyond.

“…gut twisting scenes…” 4* Joe X Young, Gingernuts of Horror

“..a damn entertaining read..” – DLS Reviews

“Great horror! I couldn’t put the book down” 4.5*, Pamela Kinney, Ismellsheep.com

He hates referring to himself in the third person, but no-one else is going to write this for him.

David can be found on Twitter so drop by and say hello @joshfishkins, where you’ll find him ranting about horror, the British education system and Welsh rugby, but not usually at the same time.

David Watkins

four stars - The Exeter Incident by David Watkins

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