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2022 in Review: Reading Stats

Well, another year has come and gone, another year that resembled more of a fire than prosperity, but we carry on, we have to, right?

So, this brings me to last year’s book blogging activities. 2022 saw my third-year blogging about fictional worlds. As a whole I was down in my total number of books read but, in my defence, I read a fair few chonkers and was writing my own little projects. With it being my third year, I feel that I am now in a place where I have found my loyal community. I’m hugely active within the horror community and have a tribe of lovely book bloggers that continually strive to support one another, whether that’s sharing their posts or commenting on their tweets. Book Twitter is the best thing about Twitter, and I’ll die on that mountain.


  • READ MORE INDIE – I was already good at picking Independently published novels to review but I wanted to up that number – COMPLETED
  • WRITE MORE DISCUSSION PIECES – This didn’t quite transpire, I had all these great intentions but life and such like got in the way. I’ll be putting it on my list of goals for 2023 – FAILED.
  • READ 100 BOOKS – I actually read 113 so I’m delighted to be able to tick this one off – COMPLETED.
  • KEEP MY NETGALLEY RATIO ABOVE 80% – Another one I was able to do. I had a bit of a rush mid-year to catch up on ARCs that seemed to escape me but I made it – COMPLETED.


TOTAL POSTS2021 – 1002022 – 98
TOTAL VIEWS2021 – 27,4532022 – 27,756
UNIQUE VISITORS2021 – 11,3362022- 17,303
LIKES2021 – 29362022 – 1565
COMMENTS2021 – 1732022 – 87


image 5 1024x453 - 2022 in Review: Reading Stats

As we can see here, Search engines are my biggest referrer to the blog. Over the last couple of years I have worked hard trying to nail my SEO and it appears

to be working. I’ve done a few online courses helping me to nail it for niche and will continue to do so. I was also quite surprised that Pinterest is ranking quite high.



image 6 - 2022 in Review: Reading Stats


image 7 - 2022 in Review: Reading Stats

Now as one of my 2022 goals, this was rather pleasing to see. I aim to read and review more Self Published and small press releases so I was rather delighted with this. One of my 2023 goals is to increase upon this if I can. A little tidbit of info : most of these were either 4 or 5 star reads and I didn’t need to DNF any of them.

How was your stats for 2022? I’d love to read them – link them below.


  • Tammy

    I have never broken down my stats by genre or kept track like this, but I’d love to start. I feel like I read mostly horror last year as well. Congrats on 113 books read!

  • Rosepoint Publishing

    Those are some very impressive stats. You’ve definitely nailed some SEO goals if your biggest referrer is search engines. I went on a campaign to work SEO as well and didn’t fare well at all. Apparently, can only get so many visitors from the narrow range I’m currently using. Trying to find new tags that work, obviously didn’t. You’ve done very well.

    • coycaterpillar

      Thanks, its really not an easy thing to get your head around. It’s taken a fair bit of research to find out what works best for your required niche. If there’s anything I can help with let me know.

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