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Psychological Thriller

The Narrator by K.L. Slater

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The Narrator by K.L. Slater
Published by Bookouture on 6 Jan 2023
Genres: Psychological Thriller, Mental Illness, Families
Pages: 363
Format: ARC, eBook
Source: NetGalley, Publisher
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five stars - The Narrator by K.L. Slater

What if the chance of a perfect life… put your daughter in grave danger?

Being a single mother is tough, but I’d do anything for my little girl Scarlet. I’d given up on my career as a voice actor when the call came, but suddenly I was the new narrator for a secret book from bestselling author Philippa Roberts, who has been missing for eight months. It was a lifeline for me and my daughter.

I hated that it meant leaving Scarlet with my ex in his perfect new home with his perfect new girlfriend. But I knew it was the right thing to do.

But as I start reading Philippa’s new novel, I start to wonder if it’s no coincidence that I’ve been chosen to narrate it. There’s something hidden in the pages of this book, I’m sure of it. Some clue to Philippa’s disappearance. And I don’t feel safe. I think I’m being watched. My room has been searched.

And then my ex’s girlfriend calls in tears and everything starts to click together. If I don’t find answers fast, I’ll lose more than my second chance. I’ll lose my daughter.

A completely gripping thriller that will hook you in from the first page and leave you gasping out loud. Fans of Our House, The Woman in the Window and The Wife Between Us won’t be able to put The Narrator down!

See what everyone is saying about The Narrator:

‘I absolutely loved the twisty plot being set in the publishing world. The storyline kept me guessing right until the end. I couldn’t put it down as I was so desperate to know what had happened to author’ Jtayauthor, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘I raced through this... Gripping from the start… 5 WELL DESERVED STARS!’ Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘I devoured this book in one sitting, I just couldn’t put it down when I started it… I was hooked from page 1… Fabulous.’ Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Brilliant… I couldn't stop turning the pages until the shocking ending. Full of twists and turns, it was brilliant! Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Wow what a book, kept me hooked from start to finish’ Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Wow! I definitely enjoyed reading this one! This book had suspense, intrigue, action, mystery, and so many crazy twists! The storyline was very interesting and had me glued to my Kindle! I highly recommend reading this book as it was well worth reading!... Don't miss out on this one!’ Netgalley reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

‘Another corker of a book from KL Slater! As always this was full of twists and turns and I didn't see that ending coming!!... I raced through this one over the course of two nights....brilliant!’ Goodreads reviewer

‘Wow! KL Slater delivers again. Hits this one out of the park. I just love her writing style as well as every twist and turn. Such great reveals with a magic touch. Perfectly developed characters that kept me flipping pages into the night.’ Goodreads reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Narrator is twisty and gripping, a story that gets the blood pumping. Another keep you guessing till the end story from the Queen of Twist!

What does it take to rebuild your family? That is just what The Narrator, Eve is attempting to do after having her life crumble before her very eyes. In the past eighteen months, her father committed suicide, her husband had an affair and set up a home with her ex-colleague, Saskia and both her and her 5-year-old daughter are back living at home with her frail and aging mother. Her career as an audiobook narrator fell flat after all these tragedies began to weigh her down. She’s devastated but after a phone call about narrating a new book falls in her favour, she finally sees the light.

Eve loves being a mother to Scarlet. Her family dynamics aren’t what any parent thought they would be. She imagined being with the father to bring her up, but life rarely ends up being what you planned. She’s living one day at a time. she’s taking work where she can to just make ends meet. Her career meant everything to her – she last worked on the last DI Tower novel, a crime series penned by illustrious author, Phillipa Roberts. She was the voice of the series, and she was passionate about bringing it to life. When the author goes missing Eve feels it both personally and professionally. But when the mysterious tenth book is discovered hidden away, her publishers decide to go ahead with publication, a dedication to Phillipa with the blessing of her wife, Fleur.

I have read very few books by this author but what I have read I have just inhaled. Relatable characters, the unease, the chewing of nails, the sweat trickling down the back of your neck. These are all feeling I’m beginning to associate with K.L. Slater. The prologue sets the pace and instantly I was finding excuses not to put the book down. Forget about the chores, the only thing important at that point and time was finding the answers to every question the storyline spat out.

Hugo, Eve’s ex-husband, got to admit maybe part of the reason I was so emotionally in tune with this story was that he reminded me of my ex. Narcissistic, controlling, and devious to their blackened core. He’s not been a very good father to Scarlet, he regularly misses plans that have been prearranged and seems emotionally unavailable too. Eve was used to his cruelty towards her, but she refuses to allow Scarlet to experience the same thing. But now of course that he has a fancy home, a luxurious car, and a pregnant girlfriend to show off, he wants everything to do with Scarlet, it all adds up to another way of making Eve feel less than. But is he hiding something more than just his tendency to do anything to get his own way? Why is his office locked up tighter than Fort Knox?


image 3 - The Narrator by K.L. Slater

I grew up in the great coal-mining region of North Nottinghamshire in the days when life revolved around the ‘pit.’ Many people lived close to the mine, worked down the mine and socialised on Friday and Saturday nights at the Miners’ Welfares that were dotted around the towns and villages. I was surrounded by hard-working people who’d enjoy a well-deserved drink or two while dancing their troubles away… and often great storytellers who’d keep each other engaged and entertained with tense tales that relayed the drama of their week. What an immersive education for an aspiring writer!

I couldn’t be happier doing the job of my dreams now, but the fairy tale was a long time in the making. After many years sending out my work to agents and having no luck, I decided, at the age of forty, to go back to university and study for a BA and then an MA in Creative Writing. I signed with a top literary agency and secured my first publishing contract before I graduated. I worked two careers side-by-side for three years (writing and accountancy) while I honed my craft and worked to build a following of loyal readers.

My time at university was not wasted. My MA dissertation became my first psychological thriller, SAFE WITH ME, published in 2016. Enthusiasm for an assignment for a module on my BA in English and Creative Writing prompted me to develop it into my first Young Adult novel. It was one of four Carnegie-nominated Young Adult titles I wrote as Kim Slater for Macmillan Children’s Books, including the critically acclaimed ‘Smart’ and ‘A Seven-Letter Word.’ These socioeconomic-diverse stories are set in Nottinghamshire and focus on various difficult issues young people often face and are wrapped up in a page-turning mystery that helps them remain popular for discussion in schools across the UK.

All my ideas come from the rich tapestry of real life and I’m always on the lookout. Things I’ve heard, read, seen are all up for grabs… truth really can be stranger than fiction! The smallest seed of an idea can grow into a gripping storyline if it ignites my imagination and that’s certainly the test for me. If a concept niggles at the back of my mind, if I keep toying with it in my quiet moments, adding on little building blocks to the characters and plot… then I know an idea is a ‘keeper’ and has a chance of sustaining an 80,000 word novel.

I like to write every day if possible because that’s the best way to keep the story fresh and real in my mind. I can only work in silence (usually possible, thanks to my noise-cancelling AirPods!) but once I have a peaceful backdrop, I can – and do – work virtually anywhere.

In my spare time I love walking, particularly on the North Yorkshire coast. I read, and listen to audiobooks, across all genres, and enjoy eating out and holidaying – both in the UK and abroad. I live in a small Nottinghamshire village with my husband.

K.L. Slater

five stars - The Narrator by K.L. Slater

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