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Horror,  occult

Forsaken (Shadow Cove Saga #1) by J.D. Barker

Forsaken by J. D. Barker
Published by Hampton Creek Press on 14 November 2014
ISBN: 9780990694908
Genres: Horror, Occult & Supernatural
Pages: 392
Format: eBook
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four stars - Forsaken (Shadow Cove Saga #1) by J.D. Barker

J.D. Barker's Forsaken is a remarkable debut, a gripping tale of suspense in the tradition of Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and John Saul. Truly the birth of a new master in the genre.
"J.D. Barker is a one-of-a-kind writer and that's a rare and special thing. Stephen King comes to mind and Lee Child, John Sandford. All one-of-a-kinds. Don't miss anything J.D. writes."James Patterson#1 International Bestselling Author
Bram Stoker Award Nominee - Superior Achievement in a First Novel"Barker's ambitious debut is aimed squarely at fans of classic horror. Witches, spells, miniature demons, and personal doubt give plenty to latch on to... the plot moves at a brisk pace... a promising start to a planned series."- Editorial Review, Publisher's Weekly
"A talented writer with a delightfully devious mind "Jeffery Deaver#1 International Bestselling Author
After reading Forsaken, I completely understand why Stephen King would grant this author permission to reference his world from Needful Things. Barker is that good. You do not want to miss this book - The Haven Herald
"Incredibly written, supremely creepy. I don't say this lightly: J.D. Barker is a force to be reckoned with."Tosca LeeNY Times Bestselling Author
When horror author Thad McAlister began his latest novel, a tale rooted in the witch trials of centuries past, the words flowed effortlessly. The story poured forth, filling page after page with the most frightening character ever to crawl from his imagination. It was his greatest work, one that would guarantee him a position among the legends of the craft.
But was it really fiction?
He inadvertently opened a door, one that would soon jeopardize the lives of his family.
She wants to come back.
At home, his wife struggles to keep their family alive. Secretly wondering if she caused it all...a deal she made long ago. A deal with the Forsaken.

Forsaken rattles along at a breakneck pace with a plot that outshines its expectations from just a few pages.

I made a silent vow to myself that during 2023 I was going to read more from my TBR. I love reviewing for authors but I have neglected the books I’ve collected over the years. So, my first pick was Forsaken by J.D. Barker, and boy it didn’t disappoint. A story of a writer who has penned his best novel yet is so good that it comes to life. His life is turned upside down – with the details of his story coming to him, not only in dreams but in his waking moments too. I love stories about witchcraft, but I just haven’t read enough of them lately, this has ignited a fire that has me seeking out more.

This subgenre has everything I crave – an amazing storyline, an antagonist whose presence is etched upon every page and yet isn’t revealed until those ending chapters, and a narrative that is as propulsive as rocket fuel.

Thad McAllister has struggled with his writing career for many years. Like most writers, it isn’t just a case of writing a fantastic story and expecting your name to be on everyone’s lips. After years of hard work and dedication he has written his best work to date, his agent, Del is getting him places and a movie studio is interested in adapting it. He’s looking at millions in revenue. Life couldn’t be better. He has a beautiful wife, a lovely daughter, and another child on the way. It’s a great message about battling the current storm, although the outlook seems grim, it won’t last forever.

Thad heads to New York to hash out some of the details for the movie rights acquisition; meanwhile, his wife is at home with their young daughter, Ashley, and their housekeeper, Miss Perez. She’s having a tough time of it, what with the end of her pregnancy nearing, lack of sleep due to the vivid dreams she’s been experiencing, her daughter’s erratic behaviour, and her complaints about her imaginary friend.

The author writes with such tenacity and accuracy that you feel immediately connected to the wife and her child. You can understand the push and pull in Thad’s life. The need to be at home to support his wife and the need to sign on the dotted line to ensure their financial stability for years to come. Nonetheless, she’s struggling to get a hold of him, little insecurities start to resurface and she finds herself questioning his actions. Nothing brings out the anxieties quite like pregnancy hormones! But it’s not just that that is weighing heavily on her mind, just why has their garden died in the space of 24 hours including the huge oak tree that’s been there for hundreds of years? And just who is the old woman that comes to her in her dreams and demands she takes something precious from her?


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J.D. Barker (Jonathan Dylan Barker) is an international bestselling American author whose work has been broadly described as suspense thrillers, often incorporating elements of horror, crime, mystery, science fiction, and the supernatural.

J.D. Barker

four stars - Forsaken (Shadow Cove Saga #1) by J.D. Barker

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