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Someone's Watching Me by Zoe Rosi
Published by THOMAS & MERCER on September 15, 2022
ISBN: 9781542037181
Genres: Fiction, Mystery & Detective, Women Sleuths, Psychological, Thrillers
Pages: 254
Format: ARC, eBook
Source: NetGalley, Publisher
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four stars - Someone's Watching Me by Zoe Rosi - REVIEW

Is someone dangerous out to get her? Or is it all in her mind?
Becky's life is almost perfect. Growing up, she could never have imagined living in such a safe, beautiful home, with a boyfriend as loving and kind as Alex, and hopes for a little family of her own. But then stand-offish Max moves in next door, and things begin to fall apart.
First, someone starts trolling her social media. Then she finds her tyres slashed. By the time she discovers the dead bird, left waiting for her like a prize, she's sure someone is after her. And having spied some strange goings-on beyond her kitchen window, she suspects that person is Max.
Frightened, Becky turns to Alex for help, but she's surprised to find that he and Max have become firm friends--and that Alex is convinced it's all in her mind. But when news of a missing young woman breaks, Becky knows she has to do something. She's sure she's seen this woman in Max's home--hasn't she?
With Alex concerned that she's losing her grip on reality, does Becky dare keep digging, knowing her almost-perfect life could shatter into imperfect little pieces?

Someone’s Watching Me is a creepy read that ramps the anticipation to the end. This fast-moving tale will stop you from looking out your window in the dead of night.

Someone’s Watching Me leaves you with a presence that fills you with dread. It’s everywhere you look. You feel it in the shadows, air, and bones. It’s a presence that leaves you paler than a sheet and the unconquerable desire to look over your shoulder. What would you do if you constantly felt on edge because you were being watched? It would make you rethink every step and action and make mistakes because your mind would continuously be elsewhere. It plays with your mind, eats at you, and makes you think you’re going insane.

That’s what’s happening with Becky. She has a perfect life – a gorgeous boyfriend, a beautiful home, a promising career, and friends that adore her. The only thing that’s truly missing is the pitter-patter of tiny feet. She longs to be a mum. It’s in her DNA. It’s the only thing that can rid her of her past. However, as we all know, the past has a habit of catching up with us – you should lace up those Nikes and try and outrun it. It’s a nasty reality check that Becky doesn’t want to face up to. However, things worsen when a new neighbour, Max, moves in next door – he has a strange hobby – watching Becky.

The catalogue of disasters starts to follow Becky around like a bad smell. She manages to lock herself out of the house she is hosting for viewing, and her taciturn boss has to come and pick her up. She organises an open house viewing for a very lucrative sale. Still, she is scuppered once more when the garden has rubbish strewn about it, including a dirty nappy and a used sanitary towel, quite rightly the clients walk off in disgust. It just goes on and on. A bad google review, her boyfriend, not taking her seriously about creepy Max, and then a bloody present is left on her car after viewing with a dodgy-looking client.

It seems like all these things couldn’t possibly happen to one person but the more she discovers about Max, the more she believes he’s behind it all. Zoe Rosi has the insane ability to paint a picture of what’s happening so you can form an opinion. The writing perfectly captured fleeting moments of Becky’s past into the present, like the ripples in a body of water after the stone had been cast. The fantastic mix of paranoia and fear lets the reader explore each character’s flaws and the freedom to decide whose actions came to be. Rosi implies that there’s no correct answer, and I loved that.


image 2 - Someone's Watching Me by Zoe Rosi - REVIEW

Zoe Rosi writes psychological thrillers, published by Thomas & Mercer, Amazon Publishing.

She has a background in journalism and copywriting and worked as a reporter for both local and national papers, before moving into the fashion industry. It was while working as a copywriter for a luxury brand that Zoe had the idea for her first thriller, Pretty Evil, which she describes as ‘The Devil Wears Prada meets American Psycho‘.

Pretty Evil is due to be published in January 2023. It has been optioned for TV by Corestar Media.

Zoe’s thriller, Someone’s Watching Me, comes out in September.

Zoe is represented by Rukhsana Yasmin at The Good Literary Agency.

Zoe Rosi

four stars - Someone's Watching Me by Zoe Rosi - REVIEW