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God’s Leftovers by Grant Wamack – REVIEW

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

God's Leftovers by Grant Wamack
Published by Bizarro Pulp Press on August 26, 2022
ISBN: 9781685100599
Genres: Fiction, Horror, Gore, Cannibalism
Pages: 62
Format: ARC, eBook
Source: Author
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five stars - God's Leftovers by Grant Wamack - REVIEW

A young couple, a religious man, a gritty rapper, and a sublime videographer get stranded together in the desert. Little do they know, they'll cross paths in a bloody fashion with one another as well as a hippie cult that has a fetish for the flesh. Welcome to the Valley of Fire, where sex magic, psychedelics, ancient tongues, and old gods reign supreme.

"God's Leftovers is not for the faint of heart. This brutal, visceral, shocking work of fiction is Ketchum meets Barker with a sprinkling of classic slashers and grindhouse pulp. If you want to be disgusted and unsettled, tapping into the vibe of films like Martyrs, I Spit on Your Grave, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre-this is your jam. I need to take a shower and douse myself in holy water." -Richard Thomas, author of Spontaneous Human Combustion and Bram Stoker Award(R) nominee

"If you can picture The Hills Have Eyes imbued with Jodorowsky's psychedelic sensibilities, you might get something close to God's Leftovers. With it, Grant Wamack makes a spectacular, bloody entrance into the splatterpunk arena. You've gotta read this book!" -Lucas Magnum, author of Gods of the Dark Web

God’s Leftovers is as murky as a midnight pool. This is a story not for those with a nervous disposition. If darkness is a veil, then Grant Womack lifts it to examine the scurrying underbelly of evil.


Where do I even begin with God’s Leftovers? The title makes you think, what on earth could it mean? Before opening the book, you’re left with questions, your brain goes one way, and your eyes try to decipher hidden meanings. Fear not – those questions are put on the back burner as the prologue guts you, stamps on you, and leaves you for dead.

The story focuses on a group of characters that find themselves in The Valley of Fire in Nevada for one reason or another. Korey, Anca, Scotty, Jerry & Will come across a group of strange beings known as The Collective, who are on a meditation retreat. The similarities of The Hills Have Eyes are obvious and the exploration of them being rejects or God’s leftovers and how they are treated as a whole. The social commentary is dark and gritty and was perfectly executed.

God’s Leftovers is NOT for the weak of the heart. This is extreme horror at its best or worst, depending on your perspective. It’s the kind of writing that comes from the deepest recesses of the human mind – the parts we don’t want to acknowledge, it lives within the pus and gore, but when it’s allowed space to grow, we get something as visceral as God’s Leftovers. It’s the perfect stage borne out of chance and depravity. The human condition is a tricky customer and no more than when it’s threatened with a painful death.

I warmed to certain characters, Korey & Anca. The latter has had a difficult life of being a sex worker. She’s accepted conditions and behaviours that are abhorrent. She finally found a slice of happiness with Will, a previous paying customer who convinced her to come away with him. She left a life of hardship in Europe behind and now has a working visa in America. What she endures at the hands of The Collective made me physically gag.

The Collective are a bunch of nasty motherfuckers…they lure people to their accommodation in the desert and perform sexual acts, which leads to murder. Those scenes are some of the most explicit and shocking pieces of imagery in a horror story. Womack has a direct line to your nightmares and makes them come to life with his special brand of Sinister horror.


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Grant Wamack is the author of Black Gypsies, God’s Leftovers, and A Lightbulb’s Lament. He has had more than 40 short stories published in places such as Dark Moon Digest, the Best of Surreal Grotesque, and The New Flesh. You can find him floating around LA smoking weed, reading tarot cards, and practicing jiu jitsu.

Grant Wamack

five stars - God's Leftovers by Grant Wamack - REVIEW


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