Add a subheading 1 - TBR Thursdays: 14th April 2022

TBR Thursdays: 14th April 2022

Anyone that knows me, knows that I keep adding to my TBR and buying more books that I don’t have time for let alone the shelf space. Call it an affliction but I prefer to call it love… the smell, the look and the pleasure I get from new books is something amazing. So what did I add to my goodreads TBR shelf this week? Lets take a look.

The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty by Anne Rice

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In the traditional folktale of “Sleeping Beauty,” the spell cast upon the lovely young princess and everyone in her castle can only be broken by the kiss of a Prince. It is an ancient story, one that originally emerged from and still deeply disturbs the mind’s unconscious. Now Anne Rice’s retelling of the Beauty story probes the unspoken implications of this lush, suggestive tale by exploring its undeniable connection to sexual desire. Here the Prince awakens Beauty, not with a kiss, but with sexual initiation. His reward for ending the hundred years of enchantment is Beauty’s complete and total enslavement to him…as Anne Rice explores the world of erotic yearning and fantasy in a classic that becomes, with her skillful pen, a compelling experience.

Stars and Bones by Gareth L. Powell

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From the multi BSFA award-winner comes a stunningly inventive action-packed science-fiction epic adventure. A brand-new series for fans of Becky Chambers and Ann Leckie.

Seventy-five years from today, the human race has been cast from a dying Earth to wander the stars in a vast fleet of arks—each shaped by its inhabitants into a diverse and fascinating new environment, with its own rules and eccentricities.

When her sister disappears while responding to a mysterious alien distress call, Eryn insists on being part of the crew sent to look for her. What she discovers on Candidate-623 is both terrifying and deadly. When the threat follows her back to the fleet and people start dying, she is tasked with seeking out a legendary recluse who may just hold the key to humanity’s survival

Elder Race by Adrian Tchaikovsky

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In Adrian Tchaikovsky’s Elder Race, a junior anthropologist on a distant planet must help the locals he has sworn to study to save a planet from an unbeatable foe.

Lynesse is the lowly Fourth Daughter of the queen, and always getting in the way.

But a demon is terrorizing the land, and now she’s an adult (albeit barely) and although she still gets in the way, she understands that the only way to save her people is to invoke the pact between her family and the Elder sorcerer who has inhabited the local tower for as long as her people have lived here (though none in living memory has approached it).

But Elder Nyr isn’t a sorcerer, and he is forbidden to help, for his knowledge of science tells him the threat cannot possibly be a demon… 

Until The Last by Mike Shackle

57343006. SY475  - TBR Thursdays: 14th April 2022


The breakneck conclusion to the trilogy that started with We Are the Dead. To beat the ultimate evil, sometimes the price is more than you can pay . . .

The war with the Egril has changed Tinnstra forever. A coward no more, she’ll go to any length to defeat every last one of her enemies.

Zorique has grown into her powers. It’s time for her to lead her army into Jia and spearhead the fight for her homeland.

But at what cost? The Egril emperor Raaku – the Son of Kage himself – is waiting for them. And he intends to destroy Zorique, Tinnstra and all their allies.

They will need to put everything on the line if Jia hopes to see the dawn. 

Mr Jones by Alex Woolf

59702925. SY475  - TBR Thursdays: 14th April 2022

Ben hears noises in his basement and witnesses weird goings-on in his local park. His eight-year-old daughter Imogen starts receiving messages from someone claiming to be her missing mother. And then there is Mr Jones —the man who haunts the imaginations of the children at Imogen’s school. But they are just stories, surely? Ben soon develops a creeping suspicion that someone is out to kidnap his daughter. Are his fears real or a result of his own stress-induced paranoia?

Alex Woolf’s psychological thriller explores loss, fear and an overwhelming desire to keep those we love safe from harm.


  • Linda Moore

    I read Anne Rice’s book, The Claiming of Sleeping Beauty several years ago. It’s definitely a new twist on the fairy tale. Not for a child by any means. lol
    Enjoy your books. I too buy books that I know I can’t never find time to read but can’t seem to stop. It happens.
    Have a nice weekend.

  • Deborah S

    Stars and Bones sounds fascinating! I have added it to my spring tbr pile (thanks!) As someone who loves unique sci fi, I wanted to recommend a book I finished recently titled Meta: Game On by Xander Black. In the (not too distant) future the world is in disarray. Most people escape to a virtual world called the Cybernet. Everyone is playing “Neverborn” and working their way up in this game is the pinnacle of achievement. Our protagonists, Cyrus and Everett, are on their way to the top. However, some high-ranking players start to disappear from the game, and their real-life players wind up dead, Everett and Cyrus become suspects. They find themselves in a life or death struggle to uncover some dark truths behind “Neverborn” and the Cybernet itself. This book is satirical with a dark sense of humor, thrilling and extremely topical with the direction our world is going in. I consider it a must read! Here’s the Amazon link if you want to check out some more reviews –

    If you check out this book I would love to hear your thoughts

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