Why Im Ditching Star Ratings in 2022 - January 2022 Wrap-up
Monthly Roundup

January 2022 Wrap-up

Hope everyone had a fab January and discovered some new favourites. I had quite the epic month. I read 12 which has seen quite a jump compared to other months last year. I think I’ve been struggling with mojo lately so lets hope its here to stay!

Favourite Audiobook

28187217. SY475  1 - January 2022 Wrap-up

This was by far my favourite audiobook. The narrator was perfect. The tone and atmosphere matched and I found myself flying through the audiobook.

Other Favourites

Witch Bottle and Maiden were both outstanding novels that left a lasting impression on me. Two very different novels that gave me something I needed at that time. You can check out my reviews for them below.

Witch Bottle by Tom Fletcher

Maiden by T.C. Parker & Ward Nerdlo

How was your January, did you discover a new favourite?

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