Found Shadows by P. T. Hylton
Published by Six-String Books on October 14, 2019
ISBN: 9781087811598
Genres: Fiction, Horror, Occult Suspense
Pages: 324
Format: eBook
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There's more than one type of haunting.
Decades ago, six children from across the United States disappeared on the same afternoon. Now the only one who escaped is the only one who can stop it from happening again.
Eric Partin doesn't understand what happened thirty years ago. All he knows is that he was taken by strangers and locked in a small room for weeks before he escaped his captors.
Now the other five have been found living seemingly normal adult lives in the small town of Wakefield, Tennessee. But the Wakefield Five aren't like other people. There's something wrong with their minds. The only consistency in their wildly conflicting stories is that they all blame one person for what happened: Eric Partin.
Eric must return to Wakefield to uncover the truth before the evil infects another generation.

Finding Shadows was a book I had on my TBR for quite some time and I’m now kicking myself for leaving it so long. A story of trying to outrun past trauma’s but as we know you can only keep running for so long. After the kick-ass prologue, I kept turning the pages with such untamed veracity that I had consumed the story within a few hours. You see so many books trending and being shouted about on social media, but Finding Shadows is one of those rare gems, I’ve rarely seen anyone blog about it but every horror lover needs to find time for this compulsive Firestarter.

I was excited to learn that Finding Shadows was going to become part of a series. The epilogue left me with many questions and had me excited at the prospect of what could come next. Leave me hanging, why don’t you? The writing contained within is like an exquisite dish – it fits perfectly with your palette and leaves you hungering for more.    It had all the elements that I love – a beaten-down protagonist, an eerie threat, and an antagonist that will stop at nothing to see his will come to fruition.

Finding Shadows has Eric, a forty-something grown man, he’s become disillusioned with life. His marriage has fallen apart and is now divorced, and he is now selling his beloved landscaping firm to his ex-wife and her new husband. She accuses him of having lost all the passion for everything. The comment hurts but he can’t deny that what she says is true. As much as he’d like to deny it does it have something to do with his experience as a 12-year-old boy who was kidnapped from his parents? He was kept captive for 3 weeks but was released, so it doesn’t have an impact, right?

The story surrounds everything that happened when he was kidnapped as a twelve-year-old boy. Eric is aided by the man that investigated his disappearance, FBI Agent, Baughman. He’s haunted by the case that slipped through his fingers and when he gets a lead from a woman that will only give out names to Eric, he knows he needs to involve him. They head back to Wakefield, Tennessee, and find out things are still as eerie as they were. It seems the children who were taken are all affected by a supernatural element, The Fade.

The characters were all interesting and with more than one shade of grey to make the reader question their moral code. It’s one of those stories that you can’t believe how things are going down, I just love when the impossible happens.

ABOUT P.T. Hylton

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I mostly write about secrets. People with secrets. Towns with secrets. How keeping secrets tears people apart, and how sharing secrets, even terrible ones, brings people together.

In that spirit, I’ll share my own secret origin story.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer, and I’ve written in some form or fashion ever since I could. But it wasn’t always fiction. After college, two friends and I started a small production company called Plethora Films. We spent a few years making short films and almost-but-not-quite finishing a feature film. For better or for worse, we disbanded just before YouTube hit the scene. To my knowledge, none of our shorts are even online.

I spent the next eight years putting all my creative energy into making podcasts, most successfully with the long-running guitar podcast Six-String Bliss. I also had some short-lived podcasts, including Guitar New Weekly, Real Dad Fitness, and Time-Traveling Film Critics.

One day I was talking with my daughter and encouraging her to go after her dreams.

“Do you have any dreams, Daddy,” she asked.

“I want to be a writer,” I said.

“Then why aren’t you doing it?”

That lit a fire under me something fierce, and I got to writing.

The things I’ve published so far:

The Deadlock Trilogy – A science fiction suspense series about a small town with a secret. Includes Regulation 19, A Place Without Shadows, and The Broken Clock.

Zane Halloway -The Zane Halloway series takes place in a world of magic, mystery, and assassins. It’s an epic sword and sorcery tale told in novella-sized chunks.

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