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Review: The Darkest Dusk by D.W. Ross

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

58390664. SY475  - Review: The Darkest Dusk by D.W. RossThe Darkest Dusk by D.W. Ross
Published by Independently Published on June 21 2021
Genres: Fantasy, Nordic Myth, Norse & Viking
Pages: 482
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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four stars - Review: The Darkest Dusk by D.W. Ross

Following on from D.W. Ross' debut novel Cold From The North, The Darkest Dusk is the next instalment of the adventures of Ogulf Harlsbane and his allies as they attempt to thwart the advances of malevolent forces trying to take over the realm of Gelenea.

Battle lines are drawn all over the continent as the march of The Order of Maledict continues, Ogulf and his companions must summon magical weapons which have the potential to even the odds, and all the while powerful new players emerge among the fray, bringing with them vast armies and new abilities as the struggle for control intensifies.

With the fate of the world in the balance - can they march of the Onyxborn be stopped?

The Darkest Dusk excels in everything Norse fantasy.  The landscape, the characterisation, and the brutal display of humanity is stark and painful.  The sequel to Cold From the North brings us a continuation of the story without negating everything I loved from book one.  The story continues with a rush, like a snowstorm that wants to blind your vision, it disorientates you, it leaves you cold to your very bones and anything can blindside you.  D.W. Ross has honed his skill and you can tell the love and devotion that has gone into creating this sprawling epic Norse fantasy.

Book two of the Onyxborn Chronicles, The Darkest Dusk and immediately transports us back into the world that brought us heroes such as Olgulf and his mage friend, Melcun.  They are now in Esselonia, and ready to take up their armour and weapons in aid of princess Feda.  She is now in possession of a golden axe that will enable her to become a Lightweilder.  Their world is careening toward an end of the world type war and they are going to need all the power and manpower available to them.

Ross is a master at work.  Brings an ancient world to vivid life, it is bold, beautiful, a tale that wouldn’t be out of place told by history’s greatest bards.

As soon as I finished book one I just knew that I had to read The Darkest Dusk as quickly as possible.  The only problem will be waiting for book three.  It’s a story that constantly creeps into your consciousness, a story that would be amazing on the small screen.  Ross is a complete master at dragging the reader in immediately and keeping them there.  There’s never a moment of boredom, and I greedily lapped up the story.

The north is all going to shit.  King Nadreth of Visser is advancing upon the Shingally and the Onyxborn, a girl called Nevea.  It’s all marching towards one epic battle, a clash of the titan’s type event, and the excitement is in the build-up and the anticipation.  The Onyxborn can destroy not only land but worlds and there are most definitely some edge-of-your-seat moments.  It’s about to go all Pete tong!

The Darkest Dusk is a chilling story of hope, revenge, and war.  D.W. Ross lets the trap door go and drops in without any regard for life.  A story so immersive it will stay with you long after that final page has been and gone.

four stars - Review: The Darkest Dusk by D.W. Ross

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