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Cover Reveal: In Between by DM Siciliano

Today we have something very special. I am honoured to be invited to participate in DM Siciliano’s new release, In Between’s cover reveal. I first discovered this author’s amazing work with her debut, Inside, I then went on to review her latest work, Under Another Sun. This is an author that can surprise you in each new piece of work but her ability to craft a superb story gets stronger each time.

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We are extremely lucky to be able to share the cover with you on the blog but before we do lets take a look at the blurb shall we?

“There are things you know, things you think you remember, and things you try to forget. And of course, there is all that lies In Between.”

Since she was young, Amy has suffered from Alice in Wonderland Syndrome—it warps her perception of reality and time, causing her to see things that aren’t really there. For Amy, however, AIWS also lets her peer into the world between the living and the dead—the In Between. And the In Between has plagued her with horrifying visions for decades, especially the vision of a lost little girl—and the nebulous, shadowy Dark Man.

Amy, now an adult and ready to start her own family, returns to her childhood home to confront her widowed father and finally get some answers—what really happened here, and why can’t she shake these visions?

But her father refuses to give her answers, and Amy finds herself continually shifting to the In Between, where time has no meaning, reality constantly twists—and the Dark Man grows stronger.

To save herself, escape the Dark Man, and rescue a child who may not even exist, Amy must fight against the In Between to finally learn the truth—no matter the cost.

Without further ado let me share this beauty.

IN BETWEEN eBook 640x1024 - Cover Reveal: In Between by DM Siciliano
Cover created by Francois Vaillancourt

Book to be released 10/21/21

DM Siciliano

DMSicilianoAuthorPhoto edited edited - Cover Reveal: In Between by DM Siciliano

DM is a lover of all things creative. From the moment she could speak, growing up in Massachusetts, she had a passion for flair and drama, putting on concerts for anyone who was even remotely interested (and even for those who were not). A storyteller by nature, she first pursued her young dream of becoming a singing diva while living in Arizona. She soon found that stage life wasn’t the only form of storytelling she craved, so she dropped the mic and picked up a pencil instead. She still hasn’t given up on her diva-ness, and hopes her pencil stays as sharp as her tongue. 

A dark sense of humor and curiosity for haunted houses and things out of the ordinary led her down the path of completing her first novel, Inside. Several other projects are constantly floating around in her head and her laptop daily, and sometimes keeping her up much too late at night. Occasionally, those projects are so dark and twisted, she needs to leave a nightlight on. 

She now lives in Northern California with her two fluffy furbabies, Cezare and Michaleto.  

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