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Daughters of Darkness by Derwin et al | Book Review

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

Daughters of Darkness by Theresa Derwin, Ruschelle Dillon, Stephanie Ellis, Alyson Faye
Published by Black Angel Press on February 14 2021
Genres: Horror
Pages: 222
Format: eBook
Source: Author
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four stars - Daughters of Darkness by Derwin et al | Book Review

A quartet of established female horror writers from both sides of the Atlantic have joined supernatural forces to bring you - Daughters of Darkness - a publication from the women-run indie press Black Angel.

These stories will take you across the centuries, from Whitechapel to New Orleans, from dark humour to Gothic, weaving the weird with the macabre.

Within these pages, meet the myriad monsters these female writers have conjured, letting them loose to roam and cast long shadows.

Beware - this is only the beginning ...

I’m going to put all my cards on the table – Women in horror are nailing the genre with a razor-sharp cleaver right now.  Daughters of Darkness was an anthology that was read quickly and with ease.  The authors created characters that I had instant connections with, characters that I loved to hate, and these women are consummate storytellers that bridged the gap and allowed me to walk straight into their worlds.  The authors that contributed are ones that I will always read, in fact I have purchased anthologies containing these authors and I have never been disappointed.

Theresa Derwin knows how to deliver a short sharp shock with her stunning poetry, that leaves nothing to the imagination.  The imagery is vivid and ethereal like and leaves me in awe at her skill.  my favourite story in this anthology was the two parter, Whitechapel Transfer and The Giant said, to Jack.  Instantly you know this author has done her homework and it resembles the tone and atmosphere of Arthur Conan Doyle.  Gothic and mystifying.  Another story that stood out to me was Tummy Bug – holy hell what a story, exactly what horror ought to be.  It really is a thing that nightmares a borne from.

Stephanie Ellis’ writing is as always amazingly eerie but with purpose and understanding.  It’s got to be said that her writing always triggers something within me.  She always manages to create connections between her readers and her narrative echoes through the pages to be consumed with passion and vigor.  Her short stories, Painted Ladies and Beyond Hope are just two examples of why Stephanie Ellis is one of my “read everything” authors.  Just like the other authors the fuel that keeps me coming back for more is their characterization – its strong and realistic.

A new to me author is Ruschelle Dillon.  This author blew me away with her awesome and deeply haunting story, Catatonic.  This story is one of those you just must stop what you’re doing and read…absorb every haunting word…absorb her mastery at the shock factor.  It truly deserves all the praise.  I was moved by the relationship between owner and sick cat.  Her delusion and instant dismissal of its nonsense had me hooked.  The intensity and feeling made the story both taut and strong.  Her dark humor tickled me pink and just added another layer to her mastery.

Alyson Faye is another favourite of mine.  She always blows my mind with her wily ways of spinning a horrific yarn.  I would go as far as to she is the Queen of the creature feature.  She just has an amazing way of describing them…they instantly come to life. 

Daughters of Darkness is adrenaline fueled journey that made my heart pump, my nerves tingle and my blood pressure rise.  The emotional resonance just highlighted just how much horror there is in everyday life. 


IMG 0923 - Daughters of Darkness by Derwin et al | Book Review

Theresa Derwin has lived in Birmingham since birth and her career has been pretty varied; from Warehouse Packer, then bar work, to being a crap waitress then swiftly into retail, Admin, Professional Student and dosser until finally entering the Civil Service in 1999.

HWA member Theresa Derwin writes Urban Fantasy & Horror and has over fifty anthology acceptances, one in ‘Below the Stairs’ with Clive Barker and a number of them in Writing advice and Shallow Waters anthologies from Crystal Lake Publishing.

When she became too ill to work, she accepted medical ‘escape’ in 2012 to pursue a writing career. As well as physical disabilities she has cognitive function issues, and writing gives her an escape from her illnesses.

She’s had four collections published; has edited more than nine anthologies. Her forthcoming books include ‘God’s Vengeance’ from CLP. Her most recent collection is ‘Hearts and Bones’ from Demain Publishing.

She is the 2019 HWA Mary Shelley Scholarship recipient.

She also just survived her first year on a part time MA Creative Writing.

She blogs at www.theresaderwin.co.uk

Twitter @BarbarellaFem

She has loved horror, fantasy and SF all her life, thanks to her father who raised her on 50s Sci-Fi, Universal Monsters, tango and popcorn. Her love of the bizarre, (including her Dad) remains constant to this day. She also owes a great debt to Rog Peyton from the BSFG who introduced her to alternative fiction at the tender the age of 14.

In 2013 Theresa ran the successful literature convention Andromeda One.

Theresa Derwin – writing genre fiction since – her last cup of coffee.


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Author, snail wrestler, evil genius.


sellis - Daughters of Darkness by Derwin et al | Book Review

All written work on this site is the original creation of Stephanie Ellis unless otherwise indicated.

Who am I?

A writer of speculative fiction.
An occasional poet.
An editor.
​But always a reader.

Based in Southampton, UK, my published work has appeared in a variety of anthologies and magazines.

I write dark speculative prose and poetry and have been published in a variety of magazines and anthologies. My latest work includes the novella, Bottled, published by Silver Shamrock, and novel, The Five Turns of the Wheel. I have been published in Flame Tree Press’ A Dying Planet anthology, the charity anthology Diabolica Britannica and am included in Silver Shamrock’s Midnight in the Pentagram anthology. My poetry can be sampled in the Horror Writer Association’s Poetry Showcase Volume 6 and 7. I have collected a number of my published, and some unpublished, short stories in The Reckoning, my dark verse in Dark is my Playground, and flash in The Dark Bites, all available on amazon.

I am also co-curator with David Shakes, and more recently, Alyson Faye, over at The Infernal Clock and also wear my editorial hat at The Horror Tree where I support the production of its online magazine Trembling With Fear. If you are looking for markets and to develop your writing, Horror Tree is a fantastic resource.

I am working with writer Alyson Faye on a new project – Black Angel Press – a platform and press for women (including those who identify as women).

You will find me on twitter as @el_Stevie. Feel free to get in touch!

Member of HWA.


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Writer, bookworm, film fan, creative writing tutor, horror and noir aficionado.


four stars - Daughters of Darkness by Derwin et al | Book Review


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