a killers daughter by jenna kernan - A Killer's Daughter by Jenna Kernan | ReviewA Killer's Daughter by Jenna Kernan
Published by Bookouture on February 11, 2021
ISBN: 9781800192706
Genres: Fiction, Mystery & Detective, Police Procedural, Thrillers, Suspense, Romance, Crime, Noir, Women Sleuths, Psychological, Traditional, Hard-Boiled, General
Pages: 391
Format: eBook
Source: NetGalley, Publisher
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three stars - A Killer's Daughter by Jenna Kernan | Review

Who better to catch a murderer than a woman raised by one?
The beautiful young woman’s long black hair clings to her face like seaweed. As Nadine turns the body, she prays this will be different: but seeing the wounds, her prayers go unanswered. It’s just like the others. An exact match to her mother’s victims.
Keeping her head down and refusing to let anyone get close is Agent Nadine Finch’s atonement for never realising her mother Arleen was a serial killer. But when the body of a young woman is found drifting in the warm Sarasota Bay waters, right where Nadine grew up, the past she’s worked so hard to keep hidden comes calling.
Rushing to the scene, Nadine is the first to notice the circle carved around the girl’s ring finger. It’s the exact same marking Arleen left on all her victims. Suddenly, Nadine is a teenager again, watching her mother come home to their trailer in the middle of the night, covered in blood.
With a heartbroken family reeling, and no witnesses or forensic evidence, Nadine has no choice but to face her demons and visit her mother in prison. When her mother whispers a name Nadine hasn’t heard for years, the case takes a terrifyingly personal turn, and returning home, the bag of bloodied clothes left on Nadine’s bed tells her someone is watching her every move…
With her dark family history out in the open, it’s not long before suspicion falls on Nadine herself. As her team turn against her, the closer she gets to her mother and this case, the more danger she’s in. Time is running out. Can she catch the killer—or will she be the next victim of this dark family legacy?
An unputdownable thriller that will have you racing through the pages until the final, jaw-dropping twist. Perfect for fans of Rachel Caine, Lisa Gardner and Mary Burton.
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‘I didn't pick who the killer was at all!... more twists than a game of snakes & ladders… will keep you guessing right until the epic conclusion.’ Goodreads Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
‘Impossible to put down!’ @kateunabridged
‘Could not put it down. Loved everything about it!’ Goodreads Reviewer, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

A Killer’s Daughter was a very interesting read, and it was certainly unique.  In fact, I don’t think I’ve read a plot from the child of a serial killer’s perspective before.  First, I want to talk a little about what just didn’t work for me personally.

The beginning of the novel started a bit quizzically.  It felt very dark and I suddenly began to question just how the events were going to play out.  I was confused at times to how all this was going to impact the protagonist, Dr Nadine Finch.  There was a lot of repetition of past events, I’m sure it only need to be mentioned once for the reader to grasp the enormity of how these events had shaped her.  I just don’t get fully on board with this type of filling up of words, which is what it felt like.  Her nervous inner monologue about her colleagues finding out who she is related to really grated on my nerves too – really what would they say?  Own it, move forward and those that have a problem with it can kiss your ass! 

The other thing that didn’t ring true with how Nadine was already behaving was her very insta-attraction to the detective in charge of the homicide case.  She is a woman that is very unsure of her place in the world, she doesn’t trust easily and struggles to even have a working/friendship relationship.  So, I’m afraid her reaction towards him seemed very left field. 

This is in no means a negative review just two things that didn’t sit well with me.  The good stuff going on in the novel were VERY good.  The novel quickly moved along at a pace that was exciting and intriguing.  A Killer’s Daughter was just that, a story about a serial Killer’s Daughter.  A new Serial Killer is seemingly recreating her mother’s murders.  Are they sending a message for Nadine or someone else?  The murders have an obvious meaning – Her mother Arleen Howler killed couples who were involved in illicit meetings, they were married and were cheating.  Nadine is very worried that she has been sought out and dragged into the investigation, as she is called in to work with the Police Department as a profiler, which she seemingly has no experience in. 

A Killer’s Daughter trucks on towards the end at a very suspenseful rate.  Some shocks and twists hit you like a brick and I loved how things came together at the end. 


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three stars - A Killer's Daughter by Jenna Kernan | Review