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Horror Short Story Collection

The Lament of the Silver Badger by Oli Jacobs | Review

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

40356407 - The Lament of the Silver Badger by Oli Jacobs | ReviewThe Lament of the Silver Badger by Oli Jacobs
Published by Self Published Genres: Horror Short Stories
Pages: 248
Format: eBook
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five stars - The Lament of the Silver Badger by Oli Jacobs | Review

Filmic Cuts returns, with more tales of tickling terror for you to wirelessly inject into your ocular nerves.

This time, take a trip to Tumorville. Have 40 Winks at your local hotel. And ask yourself, Do You Know What Fear Is?

Including stories about the little beings who live in beards, nightmarish football fans, and the black-clad Observer, Filmic Cuts 6: The Lament of the Silver Badger contains 10 new stories from the mind that brought you Kirk Sandblaster, Bad Sandwich, and Wrapped Up In Nothing.

As always, the author hopes you enjoy...

The Lament of the Silver Badger is a collection of horror short stories by Oli Jacobs.  Once again, the author has knocked it out of the mother-fucking park!  I’ve read more than a few short story collections of late and can hand on heart say that this is the best one I’ve read to date.  Let me just clarify my feelings and thoughts during my read of this awesome collection.







These were my thoughts while reading Oli Jacob’s highly imaginative short story collection.  You know you’ve found a good one when you find any excuse to forget everything that you need to be doing and just continue reading until the power on your kindle is depleted.  All rational thoughts went out the window…I was engrossed. 

The first story contained within The Lament of the Silver Badger is a gut punch.  Lovecraftian in nature but written so much better and succinctly.  A hideous disease is plaguing the inhabitants of Tummon Wood aka Tumorville.  When first arriving, it might seem like a lovely and pleasant place to live or holiday, with its rolling hills and stunning vistas but look deeper and its as toxic as its nickname.  More and more residents are becoming sick with a hideous disease.  Giant boils and pustules grew upon the skin, both painful and hideous.  The victims will eventually succumb to their injuries but just what does an autopsy reveal? 

Another favourite is Fort Hamilton, an extremely unnerving psychological horror.  Don’t think that this takes away from the story.  Oli Jacobs always has the end game in sight and the descriptions he has in mind are complex and disturbing.  My brain was itching for the answers and try as I might none were forthcoming.  It was clever and compelling, and I couldn’t help but see parallels with the TV show Black Mirror.  It’s a story that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about and will more than likely stay with me for a long time. 

Although the book excels with the insane ability to showcase the highs and lows of humanity the final story, To Be Observed, is a masterpiece in both psychological horror and the supernatural.  There is multiple layers added and the reader will have fun peeling them back to discover the darkest depths of the human condition.  Jacobs uses all his skills to create a richer more immersive experience for his readers. 

The Lament of the Silver Badger is delicious agony of watching well crafted characters succumb to flaws and evil in front of your very eyes.  Not only is Jacobs a terrific storyteller but he has the gift surprising you time and time again.


download 3 - The Lament of the Silver Badger by Oli Jacobs | Review

Oli Jacobs is a writer of words. Sometimes they are very short, sometimes they are very long. Overall, though, they are worth the power of your eyeballs. These words take on the form of twisted tales about manic decadentsadventurous spacemen, and terrifying horrors in the darkness.

Either way, he hopes you enjoy these words, and will join him on his journey down the crazy paving of creativity.

Oli can be found on Twitter as @olijacobsauthor, or located on Facebook at Facebook.com/OJBooks

five stars - The Lament of the Silver Badger by Oli Jacobs | Review

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