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Meet The Book Blogger | Feature

Hello all! Welcome to my monthly Meet The Book Blogger features! Were we get to know established and brand new book bloggers. Today we are getting to know @fictionallysandee, who is a new book blogger and has some super awesome and unique content and our established book blogger is Ollie @ Infinite Speculation. I love the way Ollie uses descriptive prose in his reviews – he really brings them alive!

So without further ado, lets meet Sandee…

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i’m a lonely reader from the philippines who only want to make more bookish friends . majority of the books i read are fantasy, i do read graphic novels and manga too. occasionally, when i’m feeling like it, i would read romance, erotica, smut and what not, just to keep things interesting. my taste in books is very eccentric, just like me, and probably my taste in men. lol. i tend to be at the other end of a hyped book so i try to steer clear away from them until the hype dies down.

what else is there to know about me? oh. i love twilight. lol. problematic as it may be, it got me back into reading so twilight books are sort of a bias for me.don’t spread hate, spread love instead. everyone is free to love the books they love! so deal with it.

brandon sanderson is my ultimate auto-buy author. admittedly, he publish books faster than i can read them so it’ll take me years before i can read them all, i have read at least 7 of his published works now i think.

Fictionally Sandee, would be about more centered about the things I want. There is no specific niche, just about everything I want to write about.


  • Books
  • Kdrama
  • Anime
  • Movies
  • TV Series
  • My personal writings
  • And other nerdy stuff

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The following is definetly a favourite review of Sandee’s –

Why you should read Warbreaker

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Hi, I’m Ollie. I’m a recent graduate of an MA Publishing programme, and a not-so-recent graduate of a BA English and Creative Writing one. I created Infinite Speculation as a way of telling people about the books that I’m passionate about, with a particular emphasis on science fiction and fantasy.

I love books – that should go without saying – but some other things which I love include Warhammer 40,000 and various other tabletop wargames, metal music, Magic: The Gathering, gaming, comics and films.

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My favourite review from Ollie has to be-

Northern Wrath by Thilde Kold Holdt

That’s a wrap for this month. If you are interested in being a part of this project then please e-mail me or dm me on twitter.


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