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53490345. SX318  - Leash and Other Horror Stories by Brett Schumacher | ReviewLeash And Other Short Horror Stories by Brett Schumacher
Published by Self Published on May 25th 2020
Genres: Horror, Short Stories
Pages: 153
Format: ARC, eBook
Source: Booksirens
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From "Creepy Ghost Stories" YouTube channel, Narrator and Writer Brett Schumacher.

LEASH And Other Short Horror Stories is a horror anthology of thirteen short creepy, scary and sometimes gruesome monster stories. These hair-raising stories will make your mind tingle and your paranoia kick into over-drive.

This chilling set of frighteningly strange and weird stories are tales of the unexpected, of deceit and of unspeakable beings that hide in the recesses of the mind and the shadows of dark forests.

Including: A tale of a gas station attendant and the creature that stalks him in a storm like he had never witnessed before. The newly found journal entry of Robert Tolliver's nightmarish dreams that ravage his life after a horrific accident in the swamps of Louisiana. A butcher's child created of steel and blades used to cut meat. A story about a new embalming fluid with a terrible side effect. The tale of a man and his friends on a camping trip, A leather collar and a vile beast that reigns over a pile of corpses. Plus many more.

When I spotted Leash and Other Horror Stories up for grabs for review, I could have chewed their hand off!  I am a subscriber to Brett’s awesome YouTube channel and I just couldn’t wait to get my grubby mitts on this seriously creepy horror anthology.  This collection of deviously good stories warrants the shouting that I’m about to do!  His narrative style is both mind-blowing and wickedly disturbing in equal measures and it immediately transports you into the depths of his orchestrated shadows – it’s terrifying and bone chilling.  I’m a huge fan and I gobbled this up just as fast as I would a cake!

Leash had a paradoxical meaning.  Many might think about it in terms of an implement to take a dog out for a walk, but my horror influenced brain knew that this was going to be a vista of horrifying pain.  I knew what I was getting into, and with that being said, I could still feel my heart pumping harder and harder, the sweat perspiring on my brow and my flight or fight response kicking into gear.  I was scared and shocked and I fucking loved it!  Brett has penchant for devilry and I was here for the show. 

There is no words to truly describe just how dark Leash starts and just how quickly the reader will descend into darkness and madness as the book progresses.  This anthology will break the strongest of wills, the strongest of horror readers – it is raw, and it cuts the deepest of wounds.  Brett knows how to wrap up his tales with a resounding and decaying bow – unwrap at your own peril!  He has the reader in his clutches, we feel in the heart of the story, whether we want to be there or not. 

One of my favourite stories contained within this collection is Leash.  A tale of family injustice and just not quite fitting in.  A family that adores the great outdoors and take every opportunity to go camping.  The years have passed and the evitability of time means that they only see each other during the holidays.  They arrange to go camping in the Appalachian Mountains.  An uttered warning from a grandmother should be heeded.  A search for treasure and something unforgiving living there that does not welcome intruders.  The story made me cringe with fear but rejoice at its ability to instil fear in its reader. 

The Perfect Cut is also a story that will remain etched in my memory for many a restless night.  We talk about karma but just how far can you blame that for bad things that can happen to people who do bad things? They aren’t necessarily evil people just people that end up doing bad things.  Shoplifting leads to breaking into a butcher’s warehouse to enjoy their wares.  A metallic sound dragging along a concrete floor makes them pay attention – even in a stoned like state.  A monster covered in metal plating, a killing machine awaits them.  Can they get away unscathed and just who is the familiar looking monster that stares back at them? 

Leash and Other Horror Stories will keep you up all night – but definitely with the lights on.  The stories feel like a cold knife digging into your back. 

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Horror Writer and Narrator for the “Creepy Ghost Stories” YouTube Channel. Brett has a deep love for horror with a particular interest in Isolation and Cryptid based stories.

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