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Introducing a new venture: Insidious Book Tours

Good Morning from a dreich and miserable Scotland. Today I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce to you a venture that has been in the works for close to two years- Insidious Book Tours.

My journey with the horror genre began as a pre-teen with my introduction to Goosebumps by R.L. Stine. Those books were my escape and i loved the feeling of fear and excitement combined. Picking those up were my safe space and i would wait with baited breath on the next one being released. Short and sweet but those books were my gateway into a world I’d come to crave.

I had my first child in 2007 so I ended up falling away from reading until I finally picked it back up in 2012. Instantly it felt like putting on that fluffy pair of slippers or meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen in years. It was instant and complete. In book blogging, I do dip into multiple genres from, Thriller, Sci-fi, Fantasy to Horror but Horror is really were I come into my own. In the last two to three years I have become a horror freak. I have come across a number of sub genres within horror that have become a staple. Gothic Horror, psychological horror, Slasher horror and Monster Horror to name a few.

Then about eighteen months to two years ago I put in motion the idea of Insidious Book Tours. Indie horror authors seem vastly underrepresented and I wanted to do something that could help in the smallest of ways. I knew Insidious Book Tours would be my name of choice (I was a complete freak when the film Insidious came out) the meaning was just perfect – intended to trap – I plan on trapping the reader with the very best in the Indie horror genre.

So covid came along and life ultimately became more challenging and difficult and work life changed so I thought in March that now is as good a time as any. I started looking at potential designers and logo ideas to bring it all to life. I then came across Meg at Sludgework. I knew instantly she would be the one to bring it all to life. The end result was more than i could ever have dreamed. The lines, the character and the atmosphere, perfection.

ibt2 917x1024 - Introducing a new venture: Insidious Book Tours

It’s early days but I really hope that Insidious Book Tours can shine a light (or darkness) on the indie horror genre. It has so much potential that I hope it can all become a reality.

Insidious Book Tours


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