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Blog Tour| Crossing In Time by D.L. Orton

Crossing in Time - Blog Tour| Crossing In Time by D.L. Orton

I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

This book contains topics of child abduction, Post Natal Depression and Infertility.
crossing in time by d l orton - Blog Tour| Crossing In Time by D.L. OrtonCrossing in Time by D. L. Orton
Published by Rocky Mountain Press on April 1, 2015
ISBN: 9781941368138
Genres: Fiction, Science Fiction, Time Travel, Romance, Suspense, Action & Adventure, Young Adult Fiction, Social Themes, Emotions & Feelings, General, Apocalyptic & Post-Apocalyptic, Thrillers & Suspense, Young Adult
Pages: 480
Source: Author
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three stars - Blog Tour| Crossing In Time by D.L. Orton

The past isn't over, it's an opening; the future isn't hidden, it's a trap. If she ever wants to see him again, she'll have to take the risk...
They say that true love transcends space and time, but what if your lover is murdered, and you're given the chance to go back in time to warn his much-younger self? You climb into the time machine, knowing it might kill you in a matter of hours...
Only to discover he doesn't believe youIn fact, he thinks you're one fry short of a Happy Meal. (Oh, and you're supposed to save the world while you're at it. Go figure.)
Fall into this "engaging, funny, romantic & harrowing" (Publishers Weekly ⭐️'d Review) time-travel love story and prepare to encounter a finicky time machine, a mysterious seashell, and a very clever dog (some sex, some swearing, some violence, but no vampires and absolutely no ditzes.)
If there's only one love story you read this year, this is it.

Crossing in Time truly does transcend genres, I never felt I was able to fully pin down a specific genre.  It’s heavy in science fiction with a romantic element underpinning its DNA.  It drums a love story through its veins, one that lasts the ages and time and you should be aware of this if you delve into its pages.  I was gifted an audio copy of the book and I wasn’t disappointed at the realism and the sheer talent of the narrators in bringing this story to life.  The passion they both felt for the story was conveyed and it made it a truly immersive experience. 

I’m such a huge fan of dystopian and post-apocalyptic novels.  It just taps into the part of my brain that thinks she would have the necessary skills it would take to survive in a ravaged world.  Maybe therefore I love watching tv programs like The Walking Dead and Birdbox, or maybe I just have a masochistic way of thinking.  There’s just something so frightening and different from the way we all know and the lives we are living that it is like my own personal drug.  The story was hugely enjoyable, and it certainly got those synapses firing. 

Crossing in Time does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s about time travel, one of my favourite science fiction tropes.  Isabel is a Geneticist and Diego is a software engineer.  What would you do if you were given the opportunity to salvage your relationship which would then in turn stop the impending apocalypse from destroying everything you knew?  She has her crack team helping her build and develop a time machine.  Everything hangs in the balance.  Can she save her relationship and stop the earth meeting its doom?  Stay tuned. 

Truthfully, I wasn’t entirely sure that this was the right time to be reading this novel.  Scarily, it seemed to have a lot of parallels to the life we are currently experiencing.  God, wouldn’t it be amazing to have access to a time machine that would allow us to halt the deadly spread of Covid-19 and literally save hundreds of thousands of lives.  Extreme food for thought and constantly I felt that Crossing in Time plunged me into instances of deep thought – liked it!

The characters were extremely likable, and you couldn’t help but root for them during the entirety of the novel.  They could have been your mates down the street, a relation or a work colleague.  They dealt with pain and suffering with dignity but had your heart cracking into hundreds of pieces – I’m not sure that I found all the pieces again.  One specific scene really did have me in tears, the narrative was heartbreakingly traumatic, and I wanted to reach out and hug Isabel.  I love a book that can break me like that! 

I did find the Crossing in Time a bit slow at the start and the contrasting element of the present and the time travel had me in a muddle initially but the second half of the book more than made up for that.  It was a stunningly breath-taking examination of love and hope and above all strength. 



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DL ORTON, THE BESTSELLING AUTHOR of the BETWEEN TWO EVILS series, lives in the foothills of the Rockies where she and her husband are raising three boys, a golden retriever, two Siberian cats, and an extremely long-lived Triops.♂‍

In her spare time, she’s building a time machine so that someone can go back and do the laundry. 

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three stars - Blog Tour| Crossing In Time by D.L. Orton

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    Thank you for making the time to read and review Crossing in Time. 🙏 I know you have lots of choices on how to spend your free time, and I appreciate that you spent some with me.

    Stay safe and well. 😷

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