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Blog Tour: Deadly Waters by OMJ Ryan

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I received this book for free from the Publisher in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

2019 1396 OMJ Ryan b03 scaled - Blog Tour: Deadly Waters by OMJ RyanDeadly Waters by OMJ Ryan
Series: A Detective Jane Phillips Novel
Published by Inkubator Books on 15th March 2020
Genres: Mysteries & Detective Stories
Format: ARC, eBook
Source: Publisher
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five stars - Blog Tour: Deadly Waters by OMJ Ryan

Several young women have recently drowned in Manchester’s vast network of canals. A coincidence? Or something more sinister?

When star detective DCI Jane Phillips begins to investigate, her finely tuned instinct tells her these are no accidents. And when she discovers that each of the drowned women has a mysterious circular bruise on the back of her neck, Phillips is sure of it -- she’s up against a very clever serial killer.

But how are the victims being chosen? And who will be next?

With the body count rising, Phillips and her team find themselves in a fight to the death with a shadowy figure who always seems to be one step ahead.

Can Phillips stop the killer before the next victim dies? Or will she herself become an offering to Manchester’s deadly waters?

Deadly Waters was another home run for OMJ Ryan and the Detective Jane Phillips series.  I had serious cover love the first time I laid eyes on its opening.  It was ominous, it was secretive, and it forewarned of the threatening shadows that lurked beneath the surface.  It’s the kind of story that will become etched into your mind and you can’t put the book down until that last page has been devoured.  OMJ Ryan is a master storyteller that envelops you in atmospheric brilliance and a complexity that will literally tie you up in knots.  His brilliance is his readers weakness and Deadly Waters did not disappoint. 

If I found writing a review for Deadly Silence hard to write, then Deadly Waters has proven even harder to pen words to.  This isn’t just another police procedural – it is an experience.  Set in Manchester, we meet once again the incredibly robust, Jane Phillips.  This can be read as a standalone, but I highly recommend reading Deadly Waters as part of an incredibly raw and gritty crime series.  With each indelible journey with this series we are treated to the characters becoming more at one with themselves.  They become meatier, more fleshed out.  Reading this book is like meeting a close friend after some time – you fall into relaxed camaraderie but there’s always something ebbing like an undercurrent. 

OMJ Ryan has fast become a favourite author, his ability to set the tone of novel is second to none.  There is no beating around the bush, he hits you with that block of wood until you start paying attention. 

So, the book is focussed on something I am deathly afraid of…drowning.  The fear of being plunged down into the murky depths, your last droplet of air being expunged from your body, your throat and chest burning with your physical need to breathe.  What must someone think in those last moments?  See, this is what this author is just sublime at making your brain go into overdrive, he kick starts your imagination and you either chase after it or get left behind. 

DCI Jane Phillips and DI Jones are called to investigate the apparent drowning in a Manchester canal.  From the outset it seems like there isn’t much to investigate as all the evidence points to accidental drowning.  That is * cue dramatic music* until a second body is recovered in similar circumstances – more importantly with the same circular shaped bruise on the back of their necks.  Is this a targeted murder? If so, then why choose two young heroin addicted prostitutes with young children at home? 

Jane and her team are under an increasingly huge amount of pressure to get this one tied up.  Jane prides herself on doing the job well and exact will never allow her superiors to lead her down the wrong path…she has a strong gut instinct.  Often, I felt like I was lost in a forest with this story – you know that feeling you get when because of the location you aren’t too sure whether you heard leaves and twigs being crunched underfoot?  Are your eyes playing tricks on you or was that really a shadow up ahead?  OMJ Ryan loves to use the misdirection tactic in his playbook and it was delivered with such perfection. 

Deadly Waters is another stellar addition to the Jane Phillips series.  A story that shines with tension, narrative mastery and so tightly plotted that you would mistake it for cutting your oxygen.  A strong, new powerful voice in British Crime Fiction. 

Thanks to Emma @ Damppebbles book tours for my spot on the blog tour.

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OMJ Ryan - Blog Tour: Deadly Waters by OMJ Ryan

Hailing from Yorkshire, OMJ Ryan worked in radio and entertainment for over twenty years, collaborating with household names and accumulating a host of international writing and radio awards.

In 2018 he followed his passion to become a full-time novelist, writing stories for people who devour exciting, fast-paced thrillers by the pool, on their commute – or those rare moments of downtime before bed. Owen’s mission is to entertain from the first page to the last. DEADLY WATERS will be his third novel published with Inkubator Books

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five stars - Blog Tour: Deadly Waters by OMJ Ryan

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