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This book contains scenes of Suicide and death
the fallout by rebecca thornton - Review: The Fallout by Rebecca ThorntonThe Fallout by Rebecca Thornton
Published by HarperCollins on December 5, 2019
ISBN: 9780008373146
Genres: Fiction, Thrillers, Domestic, Psychological, Family Life, Marriage & Divorce, Women, Friendship, General, Suspense
Pages: 432
Format: ARC, eBook
Source: NetGalley, Publisher
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two stars - Review: The Fallout by Rebecca Thornton

The accident. The lie. The fallout will be huge . . .
When Liza’s little boy has an accident at the local health club, it’s all anyone can talk about.
Was nobody watching him? Where was his mother? Who’s to blame?
The rumours, the finger-pointing, the whispers – they’re everywhere. And Liza’s best friend, Sarah, desperately needs it to stop.
Because Sarah was there when it happened. It was all her fault. And if she’s caught out on the lie, everything will fall apart . . .
‘A fizzing, unputdownable, gripping read’ Elizabeth Day
‘The perfect page-turner’ Susan Lewis
‘Secrets, lies, suspicion and betrayal: THE FALLOUT has it all – and then some’ T M Logan

What would you do if your five-year-old son fell and got injured on your watch.  Your best friend tells you they checked on him before the accident happens.  He was safe and happy.  You would trust that, wouldn’t you?  The Fallout examines the chain of events this accident triggers; they are catastrophic, and no one’s lives will ever be the same again.  Friendships should be filled with trust and compassion to what ends will the threads that hold them together snap.  The Fallout examines the confines and limits of friendships and the parenting circles of school age children.  The two-faced sides of mothers that spend all their time professing kindness but are entirely judgemental at every turn. 

I mulled over how to review The Fallout and generally how I felt about it.  It was a premise that was topically relevant but in a lot of ways it fell a bit flat.  You are fully aware that these things take place.  The WhatsApp groups between parents, the snippy behaviour, the envious behaviour of parents that are placed on a pedestal and you can’t help but want their life.  These things are going to take place in such a technologically advanced era.

The biggest flaw in The Fallout, for me wasn’t the really the story itself.  The characters didn’t connect with me nor were they very nice people.  Sarah, although been through an incredibly traumatic event some of her actions were dubious at best and damaging at worst.  She seemed to be more concerned about her incredibly dangerous obsession with Ella and her life rather than the safety of a child.  Her actions through-out the story just pushed the dominoes over and they kept catapulting to a dangerous climax.  She was naive and seemed to be lost within herself. 

Liza is a woman that is still in that new-born phase of losing themselves to being a mother to a fully demanding infant.  It’s hard to juggle being attentive to the baby’s needs and also being fully present to a five-year-old.  It’s a very difficult balance to have successfully.  The part of Liza that I just couldn’t cope with was how she let her husband, Gav railroad her into parenting decisions.  He has taken the decision to separate from her but refuses to move out of the marital home, WTF is all that about?  The way he talks to her is abhorrent, claiming that he needs to keep an eye on her. 

Ella is the woman that seems to have it all.  She knew Sarah and Liza when they were all expecting their five-year olds at the NCT workshops.  She then ghosted them all and has always been the object of Sarah’s obsession.  Her money, her house, her beautiful children.  What is she hiding and why has she now come into their lives again.  Is everything as perfect as it seems? 

The Fallout is told in Sarah and Eliza’s perspectives and the viciousness that can be yummy mummies.  An accident that leads to Sarah telling a lie that leads to her subsequent guilt.  The mummies and their children and their exclusive fitness club was anything but my cup of tea.  They all seemed so far removed from the real world.  The ending, in my opinion was more of an anti-climax.  The story could have been great but the execution of it didn’t work.   


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Rebecca Thornton’s third novel – THE FALLOUT – will be published in April 2020, with a Kindle release on December 5th 2019.
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Rebecca Thornton

two stars - Review: The Fallout by Rebecca Thornton