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The abominable Book Box – January 2020

1579182800872 - The abominable Book Box - January 2020
Dark Ink by Gary Kemble

Black Static Issue #72

Gorgeous Chocolate Bar from Wales

Death Bell – Book from the Accursed Library

Spookmark Series 2 #3 – “The Beckoning” by Owen Morgan

Various Selection of Tea’s and Hot Chocolates

Dark Ink by Gary Kemble

1579182684069 739x1024 - The abominable Book Box - January 2020
Investigating sordid political corruption, journalist Harry Hendrick grows uneasy when he hears rumours of a chilling figure behind it. Mistress Hel plies her dark arts from a luxurious suburban lair, motivated by a desire for revenge from a past marred by terrible wrongs.

Harry hears of demonic visions, of people under a supernatural thrall, and is slowly drawn into her web. Inside are diabolical ceremonies and visions that threaten both his sanity and his life; something black and infernal reaching out into the world…

Black Static Issue #72

1579182765696 768x1024 - The abominable Book Box - January 2020
Black Static magazine returns for the new decade with another issue chock full of incredible short fiction from the likes of Jack Westlake, Matt Thompson, and Sarah Read. Plus your usual reviews, interviews and editorials!

1579182747989 734x1024 - The abominable Book Box - January 2020

Death Bell by Guy N. Smith

1579182716065 768x1024 - The abominable Book Box - January 2020
The long deserted Caelogy Hall in the small village of Turbury has new residents. Martyn Hamilton keeps his gates locked, installs a fierce alsatian and shuns all contact with the village. He also installs a bell in his chapel, a bell which rings with a frequency that jars the senses, changes peoples’ character and brings on brain haemorrhage and death. Even the deaf are able to hear it. People start dying, going insane and nothing they can do seems to have any effect on their chances to stop the bell
Abominable book box January 2020 683x1024 - The abominable Book Box - January 2020

Another great offering from the guys at Abominable. They are now offering a great incentive to returning customers – You are awarded 10 ghouls for every purchase, this can get you money off future boxes. Are you tempted yet?

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