I had planned to do this post a little earlier than this but reviews and christmas shopping and just general life has been crazy. I’m sure you have all purchased your gifts for your loved ones but just incase I’m sharing some awesome bookish gifts (that aren’t books!) I’m the only hardcore reader in my home (so I hope my husband is listening!) and I love getting bookish themed presents. So, share the list around, get ideas and spread the book love!

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Book Subscription Boxes

Illumicrate is a Fantasy themed monthly box that I currently subscribe to. They include a Limited Illumicrate Edition book that usually has gorgeous sprayed/stencilled edges and is normally signed by the author. They also include Fantasy themed items, which, so far has not disappointed me.


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Another book box that I currently subscribe to is The Abominable Book Club. Let me tell you – I have been absolutely blown away by these guys. Their customer service, the attention to detail and the amount you get in these boxes is out of this world. It’s a horror themed box and included is their book of the month, an acursed library book (a second hand, awesomely vintage book) and treats and goodies and sometimes you even get a code of an e-book.



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credit – from the page

Bookish mugs are awesome. Just who doesn’t like curling up with an epic read, some snacks and hot cuppa. Bliss.

Bookish Candles

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credit – The Reading Room Candle company

Again – these are awesomely geeky and smell divine. Be taken away by the smells of Lord of Rings or The Hobbit.

Bookish Scarves

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credit – Emerald Dream Boutique

Also love these themed scarves. Isn’t it amazing just how stunning these scarves turn out. Why not ask for a Dr Who, Harry Potter or Narnia inspired one? Stand out from the crowd.

Bookish Prints

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credit – British Book Art

wow just wow. I think I need to get a few different book prints to liven up our walls. I do love these Harry Potter ones. Absolutely amazing!

Book Sleeves

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credit – Book Besties UK

Awesome for travelling with your current read. Keep your book protected with a book sleeve. I have seen some works of art – never be boring!

That’s a small selection of things you can buy for that bookish person in your life. Let me know in the comments what your favourite bookish gift is to receive or give.