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Blogtober: My Favourite Booktubers

Although I have only been blogging for five whole months, I have been following certain members of the book community for far longer. I have been an avid fan of booktube for around a year. Since starting blogging I now follow a heap of others and in this post I’m going to share my favourites.

A Beautiful Chaos of Books

I love the quirkiness of this channel. I’ve got some great recommendations and she has an uncanny way of mixing it up and keeping it fresh and unique.

The Shades Of Orange BookTube Channel

By far one of my favourite channels. Anyone that knows me, knows that one of my favourite genres are Thrillers and Horrors. I’ve got some of the best recommendations especially in the graphic novel category, which i had never tried until I followed this lovely lady.

Books And Other Nerd Things

I love this girls bubbly personality, she instantly has my attention. Oh and she talks about some pretty amazing books too!

A Frolic Through Fiction

This channel has a real mix of everything. Seriously subscribe, one of my favourite channels.

Read With Cindy

This is the ONLY booktube that has me howling with laughter! Cindy is fucking hilarious and she does a pretty mean take down of some books!

I Should Read That

This girl has the BEST taste in books, oh and she LOVES cats. Winner winner chicken dinner. SUBSCRIBE.

Cameron Chaney

I love this channel for horror books but also movie reviews/recommendations also. I’m totally jealous of his shelves!


Heather was the first BIG booktuber I followed. She is just so clued up on the industry and seems like a girl that is everyones best friend. I love her YA and Contemporary recommendations.

My Reading Is Odd

This is the kind of thing the internet was created for!

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